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Wooohooo I graduated!!!

I started the C25K on the 2nd March and finally completed my 9 week plan yesterday morning!! I got to the 30 mins and realised that I had only done 4.2k so I thought I would go for the 5k which I completed in 34.49mins!! I only know this as I treated myself to a shiny new Garmin FR10 watch as a graduation present!!! (definitely worth the money!!)

I am so proud of my achievement as I never thought that I would ever get this far, let alone run outside in front of people!! I am recommending this podcast to all my friends as if I can do it anyone can!

My next aim is to go for the illusive 5k in 30mins and maybe even train for a 10k race next year!

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Congratulations! That's fantastic! Time to celebrate! :D


WOW... Well done you, congratulations! :) :) What an amazing time too .... I'm not near that yet ... And soooooo trying hard to get there so I can do a ParkRun and not look a complete numpty! Enjoy some great weekend celebrations, and let us know what your plans for post-grad life are next, oh and get your badge ASAP, it'll look amazing! Cheers, Linda :D X


Wow! Great time and great blog. Well done you! :)


And I got my badge aswell!!!!!


Congrats! You have done a very good time too.


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