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Stepping stones, impossible?

I thought to run for 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes were impossible then 20 minutes I thought I'd die, when I did 30 minutes I was totally euphoric. I've done 30 minutes several times and a bit of hill work and fartlek with my daughter, who is a runner. I'm still incredibly slow, 52 minutes to do the 5k parkrun. So, today, I thought go for it try stepping stones, I again found it 'impossible' I just couldn't keep up with the beat and Laura's 1234 BUT I am running faster than I was. I did a route near home, not too challenging but some undulations, I last did this run on week 7 or 8 of C25K and today I had to add on a whole extra loop as I still had the last 5 minute run to do when I'd got to my old finish point. There are two morals to this story: not much is impossible if you really decide you will do it and improvement might be very slow but it is still improvement celebrate it :D

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Go for it. Improvement can be slow -- as in my case -- but it does work. Eventually :-) Good luck!


Try the speed one if you haven't already. i personally found that one much easier. I still haven't summoned up the courage to try stamina yet though. LOL Good luck.


Thanks both, I'm determined to do this. My short term goal is to do 50 minute parkrun by end August 45 minutes by end September then who knows :D


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