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Under 30 minutes! Hip hip hooray!

I went for my third Park run yesterday and there was a 30 minute run pacer. I thought 'What the heck?!!' And had a go at it. The pacer said that all I had to do was stay in front of him. All? Well it was great running conditions not hot, with a breeze to help keep cool but not strong enough to have to battle.

I had my usual two walks for about 30 seconds but had to keep going as the pacer caught up with me. It was really good having someone to encourage me. In the end my official time was 29'30" and my garmin said 29'25". I was and am so happy. If you get a chance to run with a pacer it can make all the difference.

Good luck to everyone running this week. The heat down south must be so difficult when trying to do this programme. I bet there's lots of early risers to get their runs in.


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Very well done!!! Especially in this heat! I only get slower from run to run and my only aim is to keep going for the complete route.

What exactly is a 30 minute run pacer? Something technical or some person who screamed at you like a drill instructor? ;-)

Enjoy your wonderful achievement, you can be so proud of it!


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