W13R1 - My first 5K in under 30 minutes!

So four weeks after graduating I've hit my ultimate goal - to run 5K in under 30 minutes. It feels pretty good. I see lots of people in this forum asking "Why is it called Couch to 5K, if at the end of week 9 I can't run 5K", but they're missing the point. If you are able to run non-stop for 30 minutes, you have the potential in you to run 5K, and that's what matters. Don't get hung up on speed or distance, just keep putting the work in and eventually you'll achieve your goals. Right I'm off for a beer. Happy running!



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16 Replies

  • Well done... Isn't Stava just fab?!!!

  • Congratulations Tim! You've earned that beer!

  • Well done! I'm still doing around 34/35 minutes for 5K but I will get there in the end!

  • Me too - 4 weeks in and I've got it down to 36 mins... Gotta keep trying!!!

  • Only two weeks ago I was consistently running around 34 minutes. Yesterday I set off a bit quickly and I found myself at the half way point in under 15 minutes. I realised this would get me a sub 30 minute 5K, so I just kept running at the same pace. It was pretty tough and several times I thought of abandoning the attempt, but I just stuck with it and persevered. I honestly shocked myself when I finished in 29:16

  • Wow! Stands back in awe! Well done you.

  • Thank you, to be honest, I've surprised myself!

  • Yeah well done Tim. A bit jealous as my 30 min run is only 4.5 k but then again, 9 weeks ago I couldn't run more than about 10 mins!

  • Keep up the good work, you'll get there!

  • Well done you! Impressive running!

  • Thanks Hilary

  • Well done Tim, a sub-30 minute 5k just 4 weeks after Graduating!

    In case you were wondering, it was I who gave you kudos on the Strava site.

  • Thanks Phil, much appreciated!

  • I dream of a sub 30 min 5k. I seem to be stuck at 32 to 33 minutes, one year on.Well-done, you must be really pleased

  • I'm sure you'll get there soon. Do you use a GPS or heart rate monitor when you run?

  • I have a Fitbit HR, I graduated a year ago. I have just joined a running club, because I am running a half Marathon early next year. I am the slowest in the group but it is fun.

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