Five months on and at last 5k in under 30 minutes - just!

I never thought I'd be able to write this, but I've run 5k in under 30 minutes - 29 minutes and 51 seconds to be precise! I graduated on the 21st July this year. It seems to have taken a long time to get this far, but it really is a question of chiselling away at the seconds. My next goal is to run 10k before the New Year - maybe I'll try and do that on Christmas Eve and that would be my present to myself from Santa.

Before C25K I hadn't done any sport for over 30 years. I'm simply amazed at how brilliant this programme is, and so thankful to my sister for having suggested it to me. Good luck to all you who are going through it right now. Keep it up however hard it is at the moment, because it really brings you so many benefits - not least of all happiness and confidence. Happy running!


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18 Replies

  • Well done Nevertoolate - a 30min 5K is my post grad target - I feel a long way off but I shall keep plodding away :) Congratulations - and good luck with the 10K!!


  • I'm sooo envious, nevertoolate! I've been down to 31.51m for 5k but my last run was a bit of a disaster so I'm trying to find some enthusiasm to go out this morning and have another go! Reading your blog has helped - I'm one step closer to putting my trainers on! Good luck! :)

  • How did it go oona? I hope you had a good run. As I replied to Susan I firmly believe the speed and stamina podcasts helped me to get this far. Not only fo you get Laura giving you words of advice, but the music isn't so bad as some of the pre-grad stuff! Let me know how you do.

  • Went out straight after replying to your blog this morning! It was hard work, a bit slow but I made 5k. :) Can't say I enjoyed it but I got through it and will be out again on Wednesday doing the speed podcast for a change. I've been alternating between speed, stamina and stepping stones and they've been great so far but just needing a bit of inspiration. I think part of my problem is that I've been eating rubbish the last few weeks and its caught up with me! So back onto the veg soup and lots of fruit and veg for me and less of the Lidl gingerbread hearts! (They're extremely moreish but maybe not for breakfast and lunch! ) :)

  • I don't think we can enjoy it all the time, but even a bad run will be helping us improve. I think I might do the Speed run tomorrow too - it makes a short restful run compared to the others, doesn't it? It almost feels like cheating.

    Don't beat yourself up about the food oona - I'm so glad I can eat almost anything I want now without worrying about the consequences. I have to admit though - I think I'd have made the under 30 minutes earlier if I didn't like my cremant so much. It's a great champagne-like drink here in France that costs a fifth of the price. A great picker-upper.

  • Very, very well done Never! Excellent! Onwards and upwards for 10K xox Delia

  • Thanks Delia - yes 10k would really mean a good end to the year. I'll be trying for Christmas, hopefully running at the same time as many of you - virtually. I'm in France so at least I'm in the same time zone as you.

  • Very well done!! It might have taken a while to get there but you did! Good luck for the 10k!


  • Thanls Sue - it really is a tremendous sense of achievement and disbelief combined.

  • Awesome, I bet you are over the moon.....very well done :)

  • Congratulations, Never!!! A sub 30 minute 5K is a wonderful accomplishment!! So very well done!!

    I am also working on getting up to the 10K distance. I have set New Year's Day as my target to do it. I figure, what better way to start the new year!! Please know that I will be cheering you on for your 10K and that I am sending best wishes for you!!

    Keep Running!!


  • Thanks Steve - I'll be cheering you on too! We can definitely do this. So far I've managed 9k, and will try 9.5 this week, with the big 10 on Christmas Eve, weather permitting. Good luck to us all.

  • Brilliant! Congrats! :-) 5k in under 30 minutes is my target, I know I could get there if only I pushed myself a bit, but just can't seem to bring myself to do that!

  • Thanks tantrumbean, and I know you can do it too. I firmly believe the speed and stamina podcasts helped me build up to it, so have a go at them perhaps? Look forward to seeing you get there. Are you joining in the virtual Christmas Couch to 5k team run?

  • I'm working the whole (yes, the WHOLE) of Christmas, starting tomorrow night, so no running for me :-(

  • Oh I'm sorry. I've worked loads of Christmases in the past (nursing) so I sympathize, but I hope you find the time to indulge a little in between times.

  • Fantastic news! Well done, you are an inspiration to those still striving (me)! Well on the way to 10K, happy running! :)

  • Thanks for the kind words - I'm sure you'll get there too and you definitely need to change your name! Happy running to you too.

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