Couch to 5K

Few ups and downs- including a PW (Personal Worst) - but I am back after a short break

Hi All - been away for a while - life and work getting in the way of my running and focus to complete 10k. I have had a setback in the form of the body starting to tell it knows it is being pushed. I have niggly knee problems and a dropped arch in one foot which was starting to give me considerable problems. so I visited a podiatrist - who gave me a thorough assessment including a lot of treadmill work ( why didn't I think of that when I turned up in my work clothes and no running shorts!). Anyway the result of this was loads of strapping on my foot and an alteration to my inner soles - and putting me back to 2 k runs - how dull. So I have to be honest been a bit despondent- my runs have not been good and I have vey under confident. But I have preserved and tried to do something. On Tuesday I hit an all time low - achieving a personal worst in distance and time. Barely hitting 2 k and i was very slow.

This morning I decided enough of this namby pamby running - I was going to do better - I know i can run 5k!! So I put on stepping stones and just did it - it felt much better and I felt my confidence return. I really enjoyed it - so with reference to a previous post - sometimes it is all just in the mind. Or maybe today was just a feel good day - and I do feel good!

PS if anyone is interested podiatrist recommended Brooks running shoes and showed me a deconstructed shoe and how all the layers are put together - sadly I have just bought Adidas as an impulse buy - so I will have to wait.


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