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August - A month of ups and downs

Sorry about this but I'm going to get the "downs" out of the way first. My Nan died on Monday 4th August and due to a family member having chemo for breast cancer, we couldn't have the funeral until Tues 26th. The death wasn't sudden or unexpected as she'd been poorly for a long time but it's still hard to say goodbye (Cheerio Little Nan - love you loads xxx). I'm just glad that she's not suffering anymore.

Now as you can imagine, the news didn't help much with my running routine - I've only done 5 runs in the entire month (one being a 5k - first one in over 12 weeks). In addition to the sad news, I've been struggling with work, finding that the atmosphere is getting me down. So I've been down in the dumps for a while and my running has suffered.

Now, I don't know if any of you have read my previous posts but I've been job hunting since January. I've had 6 interviews over the last 8 months with no luck. I had my 7th interview mid August and had to take an online "suitability" test which I was convinced I cocked up (mental maths is not my strong

point)! However I was invited back yesterday for a "chat". I was 100% sure that the guy was only seeing me again to mock my results but in fact I was offered the job!!! Well that's not technically true as the position I applied for was given to an internal candidate. However the guy liked me so much that he effectively created a job just for me! In fairness my test results weren't the best but he thought my personality would fit right in - I'm so glad he said that as after 6 disappointments, you do start to wonder if there's something wrong with you!

Anyhoo, I start Monday 3rd November and now my next big challenge is to write my letter of resignation ( I am NOT looking forward to that!).

PS: I ran for 25 minutes this morning, the first time since Thursday 21st.

Whoop whoop!!!

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So sorry to hear about the passing of your Nan. It has obviously been a difficult month (possibly longer) for you so cut yourself some slack. That doesn't seem to be something you find easy to do but beating yourself up like that will leave you battered and bruised! No wonder you have been feeling so low.

Things seem to be looking up though, don't they? You are on a new path and so you must try to be your own best friend, not your own worst enemy. It is be kind to you time, ok?

You might want to think about paying tribute to your Nan or to your relative undergoing treatment, by signing up for a race and raising funds for charity. Perhaps this will give you a little motivation and something to strive for.

Congratulations on your new job!


Sorry about your nan Jana It's to be expected you feeling bit down with all that's been happening but WOW and WOW again - you must have really impressed that guy for him to have created a job for you. Brilliant news after all your setbacks at past interviews and hopefully that will give your confidence well deserved boost. Just get on and write resignation letter to get it out the way . Get on your running shoes in next few days and you'll soon be be feeling on top of the world. Good luck in new job and with your running.


Sounds like you've had a hard month, you've done well to get any running in at all with all that going on, sorry to hear about your nan.

That great that you have a new job to look forward to and sounds like you will be happier there than in your current job, hope your letter writing comes together ok.I have a friend who has been going for loads of interviews and keeps coming out as 2nd choice, so i understand how you feel!

Kickibro's suggestion of a run in memory of you nan sounds like a lovely idea, something to think about maybe?

Well done on this mornings run, thats excellent! :)


Hello :) Sorry to hear of your loss and you have been down (no wonder). Things appears to be picking up though and well done for continuing to run through this difficult time. Congratulations on the new job. I found this site helpful for my sister when she left her job:

Also if you are on Facebook there is a great group called the Positive Society. They post uplifting stories and quote everyday which can lift the lowest of Spirits. Hope it helps.. Happy running:)


First of all my condolences on the loss of your beloved nana.

Next, congratulations on your stellar performance that gained you a new job :)

You have had so much going on, just remember that you need to take care of yourself and cut yourself some slack. Run when you can and when you want to whilst you are settling into your new job.

Take care and Happy Running


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