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After a break and keep safe ladies

So last night, after a 3 month break, I ran for the first time with a group. Where I live there aren't any running clubs but in the new year I am moving house and there is a club not too far from where I'll be moving to. I decided to make the 30 min drive last night to check out the club and I am so glad I did. As I was running I was struggling, but I managed to (just about) keep up with the group. Today I am aching but I am newly encouraged to run regularly again.

I had a very good reason to stop running and all I will say is, Ladies, please don't run alone. My incident happened in broad daylight in the middle of the day (a Sunday) in a place I felt very safe close to home and I had my pooch with me. I was completely unhurt but I said I'd never run alone again (and my other half won't let me).

Being with a group was lovely, it was a mixture of all ages and abilities running to various levels. Although it was my first session with them last night I am hooked, will be joining officially and would recommend it so far.

Keep safe ladies (and GENTS!) XX

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Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear about your experience and I'm glad that you have found a way to carry on running safely. Take care :)


I love my RC. So friendly and positive. Full of useful advice too. I have now officially joined mine now. Means I have to wear their vest when running in a race. That's scary as all the other entrants will expect me to be good!


I felt exactly the same Rlear putting my club vest on at first ! I half expected people to point and laugh and think I was some sort of running loony ha ha ! :-) xxx

I don't give a hoot now , I have realised that members of running clubs come in all shapes , sizes and abilities just like us ! :-)

Of course there are some proper racing snakes , but that's life . I am a proper racing snail and proud of it ! :-D

Hey, and I don't think you have anything at all to be scared of judging by your 10k time :-) xxx


Sorry to hear of what must have been a terrifying experience for you xxxx

Im a member of a running club too. There are all different levels at ours and we run in small groups depending on which level we are at. We run around a beautiful park and woods in the summer but since the early dark nights we run on the street with our hi vis vests on and there is always someone at the front and back so we aren't running alone .

I am really pleased that you have found a good club and that you now feel safe xxx


That must have been very scary for you but you are brave for not letting it put you off running altogether. And how fab that you loved the running club!


Thank you for sharing- sometimes I think we feel safe during daylight in familiar places and we do need to be careful. I hardly ever run alone now, just because I have met so many other runners and joined two running groups. I must say I enjoy the company, sometimes we chat away, sometimes we run quietly lost in our own thoughts but its good to feel safe. Good luck with your house move x :-)


I'm really sorry you had a bad incident. That's really, really terrible.

I usually run alone in all locations of my city (and other cities). I try to be aware of my surroundings and run in daylight but you really never know what can happen. I had a really minor incident just a few houses down from mine while I was running, and it really put me off. I haven't stopped running alone, but I can see how it could push me in that direction.

I'm glad you found a group to run with - it's a shame that you were out of it for so long.


Glad it hasn't put you off running, I myself had to abandon a run the other day because I felt uneasy about an individual who was hanging around, but I had to trust my instincts. Just went home & ran on my treadmill, makes me so angry but we don't live in a perfect world unfortunately!!!


I think the message from everyone's comments is that we should all try to avoid running alone wherever possible. Thanks for all the messages, it's scary though that so many people have had bad experiences, but thankfully the good benefits outweigh the bad. I ran last night with my other half (bless him he has a manual job and wasn't up for it) but it was good. I can't wait until Tuesday to run with the group again! :) xx


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