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Bad news from the podiatrist this morning :-(

As suspected, I have shin splints.

Good news is that they have not been caused by over training necessarily, but by a combination of pronation, bunions and hypermobility in my foot and toe joints.

The podiatrist was amazed by just how flexible my foot joints are (something I'd never really thought about, assuming that everyone's feet were the same), but the problem is compounded by a very stiff big toe joint (caused by bunions) and then even more so by promoting inwards...all putting extra strain on the muscles of my inner leg.

So, I'm back next week to be fitted for orthotics, which I will then have to gradually wear in in normal shoes for a couple of weeks before trying them with running shoes.

While I'm relieved to finally find out what the cause of my running problems is and know that it's something that can be sorted to allow me to keep running further in the future, I'm gutted to have to pull out of the Swansea 10k after all the work I've put on - it would have been my first 10k race and the same thing happened to me 4 years ago when I got ill with Crohn's :-(

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Really sorry to hear that you have to pull out of your 10K. It is a shame. Wishing a speedy back to form. Perhaps all this running teaches us patience as well. I'm just a learner at patience & must get L plates made. Good Luck x


Thank you. Patience has never been my strong point either! I'm having to remind myself that running is for life...not just for races!x


Ah I'm so sorry to hear you've had to pull out of your race, but it sounds like you've made the right decision.

At least now you're going to get the problems sorted then you can sign up for a load more 10k's!

Can I ask, were you referred to the podiatrist by your GP or did you make the appointment yourself? I have a shin splint that niggles now and then, and this sounds like something that could help. Thank you


I was hoping that the podiatrist would come up with a quick fix which would allow me to still do the race in a fortnight (wishful thinking!), so I went privately rather than have to wait for a referral on the NHS. I saw one who offered biomechanics assessment - it cost £40, so not cheap but will hopefully save me a lot of problems in the long run.x


Thanks for this. I'll keep it in mind as I seem to be keeping the shin splints under control at the moment (touch wood!) but I'll be looking out for your updates with interest!

Thanks and hope this finally stops your problems


I think shin splints that are caused by over training or running on hard surfaces can be dealt with by rest, icing and regular calf stretches - so hopefully something you can help yourself with over time. If you have any suspicion your running shoes aren't right or your feet/ankles are not quite right, a podiatrist seems the only way to go. I have tried running several times previously and always run into problems with my lower leg and knees at a certain distance...which is why I'm hopeful that orthotics will finally solve that, once and for all.x


I am so sorry that you have had to pull out of your race. Speedy recovery and I hope your back running soon.


Thank you :-)


I have the same problems, particularly bad with one foot, it's really rubbish isn't it? I wear orthotics with my running shoes. They feel weird till you get used to them, but then it feels weird without them after a few weeks! For any others with similar problems, it might be worth knowing that if you have a university near you that runs a podiatry course, you can often get a referral from GP to go to the department there, be seen by the students (under supervision) and get custom-made orthotics for a fraction of the price of a regular set. My last ones were £30 a pair. University of Salford has a podiatry course. It is always really interesting to meet the students, and you get the benefit of a long session and discussion about your feet while they arrive at a diagnosis, and then the lecturer checks they have got the correct diagnosis. (You can also catch a glimpse of other peoples' feet and realise your own problems aren't so bad by comparision...;-))


Ooh, interesting stuff!

Yes, my left foot is worse than my right - neither is pretty and I will never be able to wear heels!

I am a bit worried about how much the orthotics are going to cost, but looking forward to seeing what difference they make and going for a new running shoe fitting - just found out we have a specialist shop that does video gait analysis with in-house podiatrist, physio, orthotist etc to offer their advice.

I know someone who recently had dental implants for free at a teaching hospital...saving £3000!


I had orthotics done recently which cost £190. I kept suffering from back pain. Saw a sports massage therapist and found out my feet were not great and that I was slightly shorter in one leg which was not helping with my back. Not suffered with back pain since.


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