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After a 2 month break, I am back and beyond!

After doing nothing for two months, due to a broken foot. I was keen to get back on the C25K programme, before my accident I had made it to W9R1 and was gutted not to have been able to graduate. So four weeks ago I started back on a fast track version of C25K, which went something like this:

W1R1, W3R1,W4R1, W5R1, W5R2, W5R3, W6R1, W6R2, W6R3, W7R1, W7R2, W8R1, W8R2, W9R1.

I had initially planned just to do the whole programme again but found that even after a couple of months off I had retained some of my former fitness so just went with the shorter programme. Posted here in case anyone else finds themselves in a similar position of wondering how to get back into it.

Well today was W9R1, which is where I left off so I was back, however at the end of the 30 minutes I saw I had already run for 4.5kms and decided to see if I could get to 5km. I did it in just under 33 minutes!

Am so proud of myself, couldn't have done it with Laura or the feeling of team endeavour gained from reading other people's blogs on this site.

So 2 more runs to go and then I can graduate. What has been particularly special about this time is that my daughter started running with me and she too made the full 5 kms today. As she said at the end 'We are runners!'

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This is brilliant, well done! I like the bit where you say you retained some of your 'former fitness'. Thats such good news and for the likes of me its encouraging and a reaffirmation the programe is so beneficial.

No stopping you now eh??!!


Thanks, cant wait to graduate now.

such a fab programme :)


Oh well done thistime! You're on the same run as me now (albeit faster) - the only difference being that I'm sitting indoors reading about yours, and you've already done it...

So I will now turn this machine off, and get out there. Thank you for the push to get off my backside! :)

Great that you got your fitness back pretty quickly too - I'm going to bookmark this page just in case I ever have to go back and start again, to encourage me!


woo hoo - go for it Greenlegs, we only have two more runs before we can apply for our very own Graduate badges!


Yes - now I can say the same - only two more runs to the sparkly badge! Cheers for the motivation! :)


Thank you so much for posting this, it's really encouraging and useful. You must have been gutted to get so close and then have to stop!

I had an operation a couple of weeks ago, a very minor one so I'm looking to get back out running in the latter part of next week. I was on W8R1 and I'm hoping not to have to go back too far. Your plan has given me some ideas, so thanks :)


Hi Cazvs

Yes, was gutted at the time, but it feels so good to be running again.

Hope you get back to where you were as soon as possible. If you are anything like me the hardest part is believing you can still run - once I had cracked that it seemed so much easier than the first time.


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