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W7R1 first run after a short break

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So the yucky cold finally left me (actually it went fairly quickly) but I’d missed two runs as a consequence. I was actually looking forward to getting out there again but found it a bit hard going. It was really blustery, not quite to the ‘take your breath away’ point but close and it was oncoming for most of the way so the first 1k was slow.

By about the 10 minute mark I was willing Laura to tell me that I was at the halfway point but it never seemed to happen, I kept running, if I stopped I wouldn’t have started again. Finally the halfway point did come and I was so far along my route that I decided to take the circular option rather than turn back.

By kilometre 3/4 I could see in the distance a man coming towards me but it was weird as I wasn’t getting any closer, I finally worked out that happily he was walking away from me and I was even happier when it occurred to me that at least I was running faster than he was walking.

The last stretch was really tough, I normally have enough energy in the bank for a bit of a speed spurt at the end but definitely not today, I was just really glad to have finished and that I wasn’t lying at the side of the road collapsed as I had envisaged.

Looking back now at my stats, the last km was decently fast (for me) so it wasn’t too bad a run especially considering the cold I’d had. I don’t think I’m going to complete the programme at 5k in 30 mins but considering where I was when I started I do consider this progress!

10 Replies
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Good run... that wind you ran into will have sapped some energy, so not surprising that some of the run was tough... thing is you were more than a match for it... well done, and a fast last km after that is amazing!

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AngryFlowerGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks, that makes me feel better :)

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Well done. I did this run this morning too. I really struggled to keep going in the week6 r3 so wasn't looking forward to this one BUT it was ok even with the wind and drizzle. I prefer running really early when there's no one around to see me! However I did scare a very early morning dog walker who had his earphones in when I jogged past!!!

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AngryFlowerGraduate in reply to Speedy99

Ha, always good to scare someone, I reckon my loud breathing would be enough to do it though!

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Speedy99Graduate in reply to AngryFlower


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Definitely progress AF! Well done. 👏👏👏

Yes it was blustery today. My hair was all over the shop. Kept getting in my eyes even though I thought I’d tied it back adequately. 🙄

I guess we’ll be running in all weathers over the next few months - but we can and we will! 💪

Glad you enjoyed your run today and glad you’re feeling better. 😀

Well done flower! you pushed on through it despite not feeling great about it. You definitely deserver one of those 'perfect feeling' ones on the next one... and you’ll totally get to the 5K soon enough after graduation at the rate you’re going.

I dread to think what my breathing sounds like without the headphones…

…I don’t wanna know!

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AngryFlowerGraduate in reply to

Ha ha!

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Well done AF....you completed the run!

Great work, coming back after a cold.

Onwards and upwards..you have this now !😊x

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AngryFlowerGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Yes, it’s good that all the runs are the same this week and a time I’ve already done.

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