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Weight gain?

Hi all, I'm just about to go out for Wk5 R2, a little nervous as I'm very tired, also a little down (I'm normally annoyingly bouncy and chirpy). I was in France yesterday running around like a maniac as my mother is in hospital and my sister has gastric flu: left her on my sofa looking after the dog. Got on a plane (hate flying) and got back here. Went out for an Indian with my husband who I haven't seen for a fortnight. Got on my scales: 4 lbs heavier :(

I'm wondering how much the running with cancel out things like going out for a meal or drinking copious amounts of Cote du Rhone. I think I know the answer, but I'm surprised that I've gained 4 lbs over 2 weeks even though I've been quaffing wine, at my place in France I live in a MASSIVE ruin on 3 floors and I've been up at 6 every morning and literally running all over the house tidying, doing DIY, walking dog and doing my jogging on alternate days. Rarely getting a chance to sit and eat, mainly eating on the fly.

When I started the jogging I was spending all day on the sofa fighting the urge to watch Jeremy Kyle and Loose Women. I was doing Weight Watchers and losing 2 lb a week, even if I did have a glass or 6 at the weekend.

Does anyone out there just do the jogging without combining it with something like Weight Watchers (which I'm doing, but haven't done while in France) and still lose weight, or does it have to be part of a combined package?

I have a job interview today then I fly back to France tomorrow to hopefully get my mother out of hospital. If I get the job I will need to drive back at the weekend.

Do I stop stressing about it and just accept I'm going through a rough time at the moment or do I just stay off the wine? (EEK!).... I think I just kinda answered my own question...

OK, off out for run 2, feeling nervous, also, it's in London rather than in my lovely Cevennes, not sure what difference the environment will make. I must admit the routine of the jogging has given me something solid to hold onto, just hope I can do the 8 minute run today.

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Hiya- sorry to hear things are a bit stressy for you at the moment- sounds like you need a glass or two. I am no expert and just finishing W9 tomorrow but I have just started to lose a little weight over the last couple of weeks. I didn't really start the programme with this intention, I am not really overweight but I certainly want to tone up a bit and become more healthy so I am focussing on that aspect at the moment. I have lost about 3lbs. I don't think we should deny ourselves completely- I enjoy a glass of wine or few but again over the last couple of weeks I don't feel so much like drinking wine anyway so have just had a couple over the weekends and have tried small diet changes. I am sure if you just carry on getting out there and make small changes you will see a difference. I hope you get your job and your mother home from hospital, its very difficult for you with all that going on. Congratulate yourself for getting out there and doing the programme, and be a bit easy on yourself. Good luck with W5 you will be fine. x


Thank you so much, no-excuse, for the kind and helpful words. I just started the run on frosty ground and it felt like it was going on forever. What a beautiful sunny morning though (not a combination of words I get to use in Tooting much).

It felt worse than the 5 minutes I did last run, it felt much longer, then she said "You've just run 8 minutes", serves me right for not listening to what I'm about to do, but realising I had already done 8 and not the 5 I was expecting, the second 8 was easy. It really is a boost to know that I can do this at 51, 2 stone overweight and without injury (so far). I almost feel as though I can do the 20 minutes on Thursday when I get back to France.

My jogging is incredibly slow though, I see people walking ahead of me and I don't catch up :D ok, slight exaggeration, but I assume as the course goes on Laura encourages you to run faster?


I think you've answered your own questions ! I also think (I've lived full time in France for 20+ years) that life in France is not condusive to reasonable weight for those of us with Celtic or Anglo-saxon genes. But then we also know that French women stay skinny by smoking and not eating properly (and a disturbing number throw up after meals also).

For me I've lost 8kg by combining c25k with a weight loss plan (rosemary conoly online in my case, other programmes are available :-)) I think that regular running will help you maintain a sensible weight, but I fear that only the dreaded sensible eating will help you get there.


Thanks ajwyld, yes, the cheese and wine are a temptation in France. However, I think I have been overdoing it slightly more than usual with all that's going on there at the moment. I find being sensible is a lot easier in London so hopefully I'll get this job and will get back on track, I just have to sacrifice not being at home in the Cevennes.


wow- your home must be so beautiful....I would say that running alone will not enable weight loss, but your measurements may well change. However if you combine it with Myfitnesspal ( which is what I did and lost 1.7 stone) then you will, and its easy because the more you exercise the more you can eat, so my running was my wine quota which helped me go faster :)

All the very best with the job situation.....


Thanks Juicyju. I came second for the job :( , however, I'm back in France sitting on my balcony having been in my shorts and vest all day, so I'm not too disappointed.

I'm going back to London in the next few days (unfortunately) and I will be back at Weight Watchers, so I don't think there'll be any problem. I'm just enjoying the fact that I can jog for the first time in my life!


I'll second juicyju's recommendation for my fitness pal. I've lost weight on two occasions using just MFP this time it's 22lb in just over 2 months (so far) my bmi is below 25 for the first time in 8 years and it's certainly made me feel more able to run.


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