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Running and weight training

This is a little off topic but I was wanted to add a bit of weight training into my running routine and was wondering if it's best to do it at the end of/before my run or seperatel them into different days. My preferred method is doing Davina McCall's Fit In 15 and doing the three weight work sections so it's not too much of a huge strenuous workout but wasn't sure if it was too much as the dvd is 45 minutes and then doing a 5km run on top. Just wondering if people do weight work as well as running and how they combine the two. Thanks in advance for your help guys :)

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I'd do them on different days, then you can technically say you are "cross-training" on your rest days. It's up to you how much of the dvd you do in one go, but if you did the whole lot twice a week and ran 3 times, then that's very good going in terms of exercise in a week. Enjoy!


To be honest I am a bit undecided. I have tried both ways and there are pros and cons to both. My favourite is doing my strength training on running days after the run then my day off afterwards is a complete rest day. But some runs just take too much out of me so I do strength on my rest day. I would say in the early days play it by ear and let your body dictate to you which is best. Happy running.


I do a yoga/Pilates class straight after a run at the mo (I'm on week 7 but only running once a week) and I do find it quite hard work after 25 minutes of running but the stretches are great! I do a gym session the day after a run; this starts with about 30mins of cardio, but I walk, use the ascender and bike rather than run.

Whatever you do, just ensure that you warm up and cool down properly to avoid injury! Enjoy :)


I do weight training 4 to 5 times a week first thing in the morning, plus 3 spin classes and a swim session. I always weight train before work, usually 50 mins in the gym, and then fit the runs around the rest.

I started with a couple of stones to lose on the 1st July and didn't start running until the first stone came off.

I would recommend it 100%


I have done both with weight training after the run.

I am currently doing weights on my running rest day in conjunction with some cycling. I find that works well for me but we are all different. As long as your weight training concentrates on different muscle groups you should be fine doing both on the same day.


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