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Still unsure of this site

I'm desperately trying to get along with the new look, but still not sure at all. Thought i'd write a blog... sorry post... to try get back into it all, it's been like starting a new job ! lol nervously looking around :-)

I've so missed everyone's blogs, they have been my inspiration to get out each and every run. I haven't been out for ages, the hot weather is amazing but it's such a thought to actually run in it... my poor consolation is I've been randomly running to the car before work, or up to the chicken co-op at night when I'm putting the wee beasties to bed. I know it doesn't count AT ALL ! but trying to keep my foot in the door :-D It's getting closer to Jog Scotland's one big weekend so I really must get back out there if I am to get my target of 5k in under 30 minutes that I've set myself. Only a couple of weeks to go. eekk !

Wish I could use this site on my mobile, It says my browser is too old, and I have to update it to another, chrome or the like, but I checked and its the latest Microsoft browser that is on my phone, hate being pressured into things. My phone works for every other site I've been on, apart from this one. grr !

Hope everyone's all settling in fine.

Oh yeah and is it just me or has it been been very quiet on here. either that or the latest activity isn't kept very up to date according to the home page the last person left a..... post.... 6 hours ago.

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Hi Bikergirl, I'm still here, sweating it out and still trying to make sense of these 'improvements'!

I thought it was me ... Can't find that warm and cuddly list of blogs made as recently as 5 minutes ago, have no idea how pals are doing In the undergrad and post grad forums, can't make sense of those categories on the side (especially, as you say, they haven't been added to for a while) and I hate the green bar of MY information that hangs around on my screen obscuring some of the text I'm responding to!

Here's wishing you all the best for your Jog Scotland adventure - I'm sure you'll meet your target ..... You're C25K trained after all.

Good luck, Linda ;) :D X


Yes ,this site is far from better......such a shame. I think people are not posting as much as before. I have trouble signing in still. And when i go to post a reply on someone's post I press the submit button only to see a pop up telling me that I need to sign in...grrrrrrrrr,so frustrating,and i have tomadmit that at times i have just given up trying. I hope they can sort this soon. I want the old site back. I don't like change unless it is change for the better.


and the replies don't seem to be in order either, and no notifications to when someone does reply, got to click loads of buttons just to get to your last blog to check if anyone has replied...its all a bit rubbish. Not the most well thought out plan. I feel sorry for the designers im sure they are doing their best and getting a lot of stick to go along with it but it does come down to the fact that it's not really working for a lot of people. But hey what do we know :-)


Linda, I didn't realise there was a separate post grad forum. How do I reach it?


It's gone! On the old site there was the first page of blogs which everyone got entered into then when it fell off the first page the 'graduate' blogs went onto a C25K+ section and the under-grads went onto the 'normal' C25K bit. But I think we're all together now.


Hey Linda, It's a shame isn't it, lots of people seem to have disappeared. Whether they've just stopped using the site or if its just that their blogs aren't showing, who knows.

Thank you, I hope so, just about to head out tonight, just on for my routine inspiration read of the blogs.. damn it... posts ;-) lol


Hi all. Log-out issues have improved but others still being logged-out (apologies Marclay) which is top priority to resolve. I'll feed back the badge colour comments to the design team - can't promise anything as it's a communities-wide design issue, but we do take on board these opinions!


I too find myself missing the familiar faces and blogs from my fellow runners. My last run was a week ago due to the weather and being busy, busy. I used to enjoy reading all the blogs on my pc at work however now I can't do that because we are using a browser which is too old. It's safe to say my enthusiasm and motivation for C25K has been affected by the changes to this site which seems silly but it's true. I'm 4 runs away from graduation so plan to head out for my last run of week 8 at the weekend and then after that find some renewed determination from somewhere.


I have had the exact same problem. I have not been able to log on for ages now. I also access it at work but I've finally managed to download it on Chrome which my work PC has miraculously accepted, not sure how long this will last though.

So far I'm not keen on the look or feel of it but I guess we'll get used to it.

Hope everyone comes back, such a shame to lose people due to "progress".

I've missed everyone and have felt rather lonely on my runs but kept on going. Sounds daft to say I've been lonely but I really enjoyed reading the blogs during my work day and going for a run that evening, then seeing what everyone was up to the next day.

Good luck all and keep running


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