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this is about the new site design

Thing is, it's much more clunky and clumsy now. It's so much less user-friendly. I don't want to faff about trying to write a post properly, I just want to make a quick post, and catch up with some other users. After all, the posting is subsidiary to the main event, which is the running.

And so far I've had to log in every time I get to the board, which I didn't have to before as it would keep me logged in. It all feels too heavy-handed. Let me emphasize that: I previewed just now and the site had automatically chosen tags for me. I HATE THAT! Please stop it at once.

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What I particularly liked about the old site was the way you could see the most recent blogs and questions - at a glance. On the front page. Here, you have to go looking for them.


I used to like that too...i used to quickly dip in and pop out again. Now its just a chore to find anything...let alone get on in the first place! Trying to give it a go, but really user unfriendly! :(

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I think that bloke said they are trying to sort the logging in problem. However it has given me an app for my phone which I wasn't offerred before, but it doesn't give you updates like facebook or linkedin...


I agree. The last site design was better.

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Yes! I've emailed them this:

f , with the old site, I wanted to read the tenth couch to 5k blog post, I would 1. open the site & 2.Click on the tenth link down (title clear)

Now I have to do the following:

1. Open the site

2. Find and click on the log on link.

3. Click on the top right hand corner

4.click on communities

5.. Click on couch 2 5k

6. Click on posts

7. Scroll down a very long list of large fonted posts to find the one I want (titles no longer succinct due to minimum characters!)


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