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Hi gang

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post owing to a monstrously impossible deadline I had to meet on this new job. To add to this hell, I came down with a shocking cold last weekend, rendering me unable to run at all! So all in all it's been a miserable time of late - BUT NOT TO WORRY! I am 99% recovered and am planning to get outside tomorrow morning and do a 10K along the river.

It is weird not running now - I really miss it, despite the agony of tearing oneself from the comfort of your snuggly duvet and going outside in the dark and cold! I always feel better once I've done my run - be it a short 3K or a more challenging 5K before work, and it sets me up mentally. But there's no point running when you're below par and your chest is wheezing. No sirrreee! Best to wait until the damned cold has gone away. Even though it's been a little over a week since I went out for a run, I still feel a bit apprehensive as to whether I can do it!! STUPID INNIT? Of course I can, but I'm a real "routine" person and hate it when mine is interrupted.

I shall report back and let you know how I got on. So until then, enjoy......

1. Your Saturday

2. The footie.

3. I'm a Celeb.

4. Strictly.

5. Going out dancing or boozing or whatever it is you do on a Saturday night!!

YEr pal


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Poor you! You know you'll be fine though - one teensy weensy week won't make any difference to a man of your capabilities, DanTheMan!

In 2014 there doesn't seem to be much of a happy medium workwise does there? Dole or 20 hour days. It's a bugger.



Thanks UIOLI. You're absolutely right - it's feast or famine with me! But the running tights are going to be put through their paces tomorrow I can tell you that!!




Glad you are back DZ - missed you last week both literally and really truly as was on your towpath between Twickenham and Richmond and despite saying hello to all the other runners, knew it was not the caped crusader going past. I did manage to get some of them to say morning!!


what an acheivement! Well done c4ts. And thank you for your kind words..


Great to hear from you Mr Zargo! I too have been knocked out by a cold and stupid work hours... the only constant to keep me sane is running and it sucked not to be able to do it!

Enjoy your 10k tomorrow mate - hopefully the ponytails and lycra will help push you along! :) :)


Hahaha! Yes indeed Aussie. Thanks. I think the weather is gonna be horrible, but what the hell - there's a nice hot shower at the end of it!


Thanks Dan

Glad you're better now matey and back to running. Horrible not running isn't it, now we're all in the regular groove of turning out come what may. Well done us I say

Volunteering all morning Tick

Make big mug of tea Tick

Listen to footy on radio while in bath Tick (just about)

Get ready for big night out

Catch some Strictly before going out

Have posho nosh at swishy hotel

All back to mine

Breakfasts all round tomorrow morning

Sunday - RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 K


IN YOUR FACE! You go girl!


Got my fabbo new shoes at the ready. Size 8 tight jeans (smart ones, mind) I hope there's room for me in there after my dinner

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sounds like you've been really busy!!! And man flu too...not a good combo. Enjoy your run tomorrow....take it nice and steady...


Thank you Jooj. I'll take it steady don't you worry. Hope your marathon training is on track? I read Aussie did a half M today - a distance you are most familiar with! I could never do that far . But I'm happy with my little ol' ten K as my "long run".

Toodle pip!


Of course you could you daft sod, its in the mind not the legs...and a 10k is no mean feat. You know at the end of the day its about what you get out of it and getting that thrill of personal success...For me, I have always loved the thrill of a really long run but I'm rubbish at speed...... I'll be thinking of you tomorrow as I'll be out on my long run too...


Ah man flu always needs to be taken very seriously :-)

Hope you are feeling better now. It's strange not being able to run and I know exactly what you mean about feeling a bit nervous about getting out there again. It's crazy, but when I am not running, I can't really imagine how I ever manage it.

You'll be fine and feel much better for it. Enjoy!


I know exactly what you mean! Thank you.


I look forward to reading your post run post Dan. I've missed them.


Hiya Dan, I so know what you mean about the anxiety after a bout of illness. But having had the odd break and then being able to get stuck back in, I don't worry now.

You might need to pace yourself a little, but you'll be just fine.

Re the job, at least you'll have some pennies coming in for Xmas!

Hope the run goes ok today - will keep an eye out for your report.

:-) xx


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