iPhone Hell logging on

Hi folks

Every time I get an email to read a post on HU on my iPhone, I have to log in EVERY BLO**Y TIME! It drives me nuts. It never remembers me and takes 14 seconds to load a page - before telling me ;

"You have to be logged in"


Is this my phone or is this the site? Any advice?

Ta muchly



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17 Replies

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  • Sorry I can't help Dan but I share your frustration. It was ok, but now mine seems to need me to log in every morning when I get the 'early morning email of activity' Grrrr! x :-(

  • It is SO DAMNED ANNOYING (21st Century problems.....)

  • Mine automatically logs on. It used to be like you describe, but changed several weeks ago. Sadly I can't for the life of me remember what I did to make it change. Sorry.

  • You lucky b****rd!

  • It's the mobile site, I'm sure. There are just too many bugs - I have an Android phone and can't get on the site at all since it changed - the URL loads but the page is completely blank. I tried loading the desktop version but that doesn't work either. No joy from the tecchies at HU, I emailed them twice then gave up.

    Good luck...

  • Thanks TT. I wish the techies would help though.....

  • Exactly the same thing happens with me. I thought it might be because I changed my phone provider but I checked with them and they said no. I don't use my phone now for this site, just the ipad.

  • I have a widget thingy on the screen of my android phone that keeps me logged in, so I can always see people's posts if I get an email alert. Sadly my phone won't let me reply to any posts- the keyboard keeps appearing and disappearing at random. Probably just as well though, or I'd never get anything done :)

  • So Android have problems too? I remember the site about a year ago - before the upgrade and everything worked great on my phone. Progress eh?!

  • Could try closing all of the pages and then clearing cookies and trying again?

  • I've tried that....sadly it dusnee wurrock!

  • Sorry! Unfortunately that is the end of my Techy knowledge.....

    The IT brain cupboard is now bare!

  • Hi Dan. I have the same problem as TT above since the site was updated. It has curbed my ability to post and reply, can only do that now when logged on to a computer! Sigh. I did contact the site help and they told me that my phone browser needed updating but the phone said "no!"

  • Mine is fine on my iPhone but I still haven't been upgraded!

  • Started happening to me on my iPhone also!

  • It's the same on my iPad; very irritating

  • My iphone is fine but I haven't downloaded the new update.

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