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Technical Question About This Site

Hi all, does anyone know why I can't open this site's link in my android phone? I normally use my ipad but have been away and for various reasons had to use my phone but I couldn't access your posts! Disaster!

I got the daily emails ok but when I clicked on a post to open I just got a blank page!

I've changed my provider and thought maybe that's the reason as it worked fine before.

Any ideas? Thanks. (I need to catch up on all the news now!).

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No idea I'm on android, no issues sometimes when I open posts and reply it seems a bit glitchy somehow. Especially if changing replies to posts if I've mis typed and try to click back before I've submitted. Hence why this reply a but of a mess. I don't tend to click links in email though. Does it work if you open your email from a web based browser like yahoo? I often have issues viewing email from e email viewer on the phone. But not when I log in to web based browser from my phone. No problems opening pages though.


Thanks for your reply. No it doesn't work from a web browser either. I'll take phone to Vodafone and hopefully they can shed some light on it.


Hi Irishprincess. I have exactly the same problem and used the site helplink at the top of the page which gives some suggestions but they didn't work so I e-mailed and Hugo got back in touch with me suggesting I may need to update the phones browser but it made no difference. I can't open the posts on my phone either so can only access and respond when logged in to a computer.

Good luck - let me know how you get on as I would like to find an answer to this too.


Daily emails? What are they?


I get an email from Health Unlocked every morning with all the posts from the previous 24 hours. Don't you get those?


I too have an Android phone (HTC) and exactly the same problem since they switched over to the new site - all I can get now is a blank page. I have emailed HU and they replied but just to ask me to send them a screengrab of the problem and the type of browser I use (which I assume is the generic one that comes with an HTC phone?). But no solution. It's a mythtery, to quote Toyah...


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