How do I deal with this?

Ok so you all know the story.. my knee decides I can't run :(   I've accepted I have to take a few days rest... :(

Been trying my best to keep positive..but I'm feeling so down.. 

It would be ok if could even exersice.. but I can't..walking is painful.. I usually am very active. Scared to do much incase it delays my healing.. I am just impatient? Is it non running depression?

I'm keeping up with moving about..icing.. walking a bit.. stretch.. but that's about all I can manage.. I've decided not to take any more pain relief.. So I can properly judge my pain threshold..

I can probably guess everyone's helpful responses.. and so need them.. 

 I think I'm just feeling so sorry for myself.. which I actually KNOW is daft.. but it's how I'm feeling atm x


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20 Replies

  • Ow :-( Kind of been there and done that. You're not going to get a proper diagnosis from the internet though.

    I would seriously recommend you see either your GP and/or a sports physio. 

    And please don't even think about testing it with a jog!

  • I would not avoid the painkillers. Why do you want to know what your pain threshold is? There are no prizes for pain tolerance and you will probably cause your injury to worsen by overcompensating with the surrounding muscles as a consequence.

    you are injured, you need a few days rest. You haven't had your leg amputated. Get used to it - being out of the game with injuries will happen. It's not the end of the world. Velominati Rule #5 applies.

  • Harden the fook up? Yea lol I had to Google

     That.. very funny..   ok big man get the point!!! You mean

    ..suck it up get over it.. ok then..few arty crafts to fill my last days of holiday.. 

    You are a very hard task master! :)

  • There's loads of stuff you can do while off your feet. Do some upper body work. Do some meal prep. Do some mobility stuff. Use to the time to your advantage.

    I'm a sweetie.

  • Meal prep? Ask Mrs Rig if this is acceptable x

  • Mrs Rig says she finds the time I spend on meal prep perfectly acceptable. She has lost 6kg since Christmas and reduced bodyfat by 6% on the nutrition plan I have for her. Sundays I work out the week's meals based on the macros for that week and experiment with any new stuff, and generally make her work lunches and gym snacks in advance on Sundays and Wednesdays.

  • Swoon!

  • Oh how frustrating for you 😔. This running lark really gets a grip on you and then you can't bare it when you can't do it! I feel your pain having a sprained ankle only two  weeks into the programme last year but you will need to be patient and try and get your head round it. I would get it checked out if you can't walk on it. I tried walking on my sprained ankle and tried to carry on as usual and ended up having to take a week off work cos walking on it made it worse and I couldn't even flex my ankle to drive. I hope you recover really soon but please be careful. 🙂 Making sure you are fully recovered will pay off in the end.

  • RICE and lots of it don't be a masochist take pain killers especially important if you can take ibuprofren as that will also be anti inflammatory ! Do nothing that makes it worse until you have seen your GP ;) I ran too soon on a poorly knee and paid the price and very much regretted it ! There is lots of time for running there really is no hurry in fact abusing your knee will only delay things !

  • Rest...simple as that..I did....Ran for first time Tuesday..fine. Rest...that's an order🙂

  • I totally get feeling sorry for yourself when you can't do something that's become so fulfilling. 

    I'm not able to run right now either, so like you I'm stretching and doing some core strengthening with pilates and other exercises I saw online to try strengthen my weak bits ready for running again. Maybe you could try something like that? 

    You'll get there though, you already have before, but maybe next time we'll both listen more carefully to the warning signs before having to sit out on the Injury Couch ;-) 

  • Feeling the same myself, ankle issues. Really frustrating when your body won't do what your mind is set in doing. Best to post and wait for the advice and support to come flooding in. Wish you better😊

  • That seems a bad case of "injury couch blues"...

    Come on, Sparky, running is fantastic but there are so many other wonderful things to enjoy in life! Don't waste time thinking to what you cannot do and seize the occasion to enjoy something you can do instead.

    You'll be out running again before even realising it. ;)

  • Secan you so are the right frame of mind I need.. .. yes I have other like.. make a banner for my graduation!! .. Lol anyway tech help Secan ? How do I add pics here? Have a wonderful one of my daughter's great Scottish run I'd love to show off?

  • When you write a new post you should see a button saying "Add photo" ;)

  •  Hi Sparky, sorry to hear of your injury, Just wanted to say, dont worry about losing fitness.. you will be able to carry on where you left off even after a couple of weeks off. Enforced rest will give other muscles a chance to recover (  not your bad knee though..if it is more than a tweak you should seek medical advice) 

    Best wishes 😯

  • Bad news Sparky -been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and it's rubbish! Two pieces of advice, both from bitter experience: 

    1) Take ibuprofen 3 times a day, every day. If you only take a couple of doses intermittently then it just acts as a painkiller. However, if you take it regularly every 8 hours like you would an antibiotic, then it also acts as an anti inflammatory. The hospital told me to do this when I broke my ankle.

    2) You really need to see a physio to get to the root cause of your knee problem. I was on the IC for 2 months with knee pain after I graduated, having pushed through the pain leading up to graduation. I managed to find a local physio with a special interest in knees and links to a local running club who not only cured my knee troubles, but also taught me how to avoid a recurrence in the future. His treatment and advice were invaluable.

    Forgive me if I'm repeating myself Sparky, because I've got a feeling I've said this to you before, but I cannot stress enough the importance of getting to the root cause of the problem.

    Take care m'dear and good luck

  • How long have you been on the IC with this already?

  • Oh no! I'm risking my first run/walk today after ten days off with the ankle. Know how you feel! Hope you get better soon x

  • Really hope you manage celtprof.. it's so disappointing being on the IC.. GOOD LUCK.. I'm still struggling just walking.. going to gp on Monday see if an exray shows anything..probably take 3 weeks for that appointment to come through.. hope to get back into it as soon as I'm able.. only been since Tuesday I've not ran.. suppose it's early days yet... but feels like forever.. let me know how you go x

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