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Week 7 (still) - posting this for self-motivation

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Further to my post last week about starting to find the longer runs a real chore, I haven't been running again since last Wednesday :o - this is with good reason, as it proved impractical to go for a run when I was in Paris as I couldn't find anywhere suitable (too many hills, too many road crossings, too many people) and I've also had an upset stomach since Thursday which finally seems to be on the way out. But this is the longest I've gone without a run since starting C25K, and I'm worried that if I don't get back into it tomorrow I'm in danger of quitting. So this post is to shame myself into doing it.

Not that I went without exercise completely in Paris. I set out walking at 9:30am on Friday, and somehow before I knew it it was 9pm and I had been walking all day! According to my phone I walked over 21 miles and 45,000 steps...

So anyway. Onward tomorrow morning to W7 R2. My main target is to make sure I graduate the programme before the clocks change, as I typically run very early in the morning, and this is currently still on target despite this week's break.

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(P.S. Before starting C25K I suspect I would have given up on that long long walk in Paris much sooner. I also had the benefit of my excellent (*cough*expensive) trainers, which I wouldn't have bought if I wasn't doing C25K...)

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The break will probably have done you some good... as will that monster of a walk. Welcome home, pick your routine up and get to that graduation.

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We're here waiting for your next run 😘

Like UNM said, the rest has probably done you good (if you can call 21miles a rest, hat off to you!!) Hope you get those expensive trainers on & continue your journey👍🏻

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Did it. And felt good about it too.

While W6R3 and W7R1 felt from the start as though there was a good chance I wouldn't finish, today I was never in any doubt - even though last night when I went to bed I was STILL not convinced that I'd have the motivation, and had a niggling (I'm assuming psychosomatic) achy right Achilles tendon.

I had a complete change of music and also cut some of the boring bits out of my route and it seemed to go by in a flash - I was very surprised when I got to the halfway point and then to the end, because it hadn't felt like 25 minutes!.

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Well done - the "rest" obviously did you good!

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Hi BargainRzl, how are you? News?

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BargainRzlGraduate in reply to Lallis

Well, as you’ll see from my post above, I did W7 R2 on Tuesday and it felt great. I’ve yet to do R3 which I’ll probably do tomorrow, or Sunday if not - I’ve had a week of early starts and late finishes so it’s not been possible to do another run yet. Either way, I’ve still got time to meet my target of graduating before the clocks change (possibly at my local Parkrun).

Thanks for asking!

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