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The 5.30 from Richmond is running late

My running friend suggested an early run to escape the current heat wave. 5.30. Well - OK, then! Set my alarm (or so I thought) for 5.15 and went off to bed. At 5.23 I was woken by her incoming text saying she was setting off! Arrrgghhhh! I obviously hadn't set my alarm properly. Leapt out of bed, couldn't find anything (of course), washed and brushed, poured a glass of water down my throat. As Penny arrived I was warming up by running up and down stairs looking for socks etc.

Anyway, we had a great run. 6.1 k, could have kept going except for time constraints, and the fact that after doing a lot of hip flexor exercises at Pilates yesterday I could feel my hip flexors starting to twang as I went up the hill towards home, so fell into a brisk walk. The world at 5.30 this morning was the domain of cats, busy doing whatever cats do when they're not asleep at home, cooing pigeons, darting swifts, and the promise of a perfect July day ahead. And it was beautifully quiet, very few cars out, and we didn't even see any other runners!

A great start to the day!

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I have to add that the hassle of removing the silly auto-generated tags (throat, glass, water, running, etc) almost made me give up on publishing this post!


I'm inclined to leave the tags where they are and when they come to try do an index or make them searchable, they will get all sorts of random results.....


Running first thing in the morning is the best time. Admittedly I still think that 5:30 is night time, I run more like 7:00. I always like to think, by the time I get to work I have done my run, so have all day to savour the 'view from the moral highground'.


Love early morning runs Soozz the air's fresh, it's quiet, park looks lovely, but only walking for the time being for me . Pat :-)


Well done on such a speedy getting dressed and out there so early. I had an early start too this morning and know just what you mean about that time of day, nothing about. And the sun this morning was just lovely too ... As you said, the start of another lovely July day.

Happy running


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