I just could not get up this morning. My alarm went off, my running gear was all laid out, I'd been EXTREMELY careful keeping my wine intake, I'd even prepared the ingredients for my Power Juice the night before and yet I couldn't move. The rain lashed down against the windows and Oscar and Tallulah were doing high speed circuits of the bedroom, hall and stairs, chasing each other and keeping us awake. Despite the tremendous noise they made bashing and crashing into things (even jumping and running across our snoozing bodies in bed at one point!) I couldn't get the impetus to go out and run the parkrun run.

I'd spent the previous two days replacing some fence posts that had rotted in the ground. This entailed hammering and breaking up the hardest concrete known to man! I should have hired a BIG TOOL to do it, but I thought I could conquer it by using brute force and ignorance. I have succeeded (eventually), but as a result I have ZERO energy left, and the thought of popping out for a quick 5K does not appeal to me one iota.

So I am going to see how I feel tomorrow and if I feel the same, I'll do one Monday. One thing I've found, is that if I don't feel like doing a run, I wait a day or two and by then the mojo has come back in spades and I can't wait to get out there and strut my stuff. So hopefully in the next day or two I'll be reporting running 5K in 11 minutes......(yeah right!!)

To all the parkrunners today, to all the long distance runners to day and to all the C25K'ers getting through the program - hats off to you all!

Until next time....



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  • Sounds like you've already had a fullsome workout smashing the concrete! Hope your body is still functioning without too much pain now! I'm not surprised you bunked off your run.

    Good luck next time though! :) :) :)

  • Thanks Beek.

  • You needed a rest Dan, so have one mate. Sometimes you just have to give in and duck back under the duvet.

    I had a rude awakening this morning (oooooer). My husband jumping out of bed, dashing downstairs as he'd forgotten to put the bins out and he could hear the lorry. His hearing is so much more attuned than mine ! ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Ta luv.

  • If you need a rest, you need a rest. You probably didn't miss much - it;s pouring down here and, I assume, pretty much everywhere. So nice to stay in the warm and dry. I'm thoroughly enjoying an enforced, slightly longer, rest due to a chest infection. I'm not missing the running one little bit - let alone beating myself up over it. Enjoy your day or so's rest and then you can get back to running feeling more refreshed. Best wishes.

  • Oooh chest infection sounds crap? Poor you. Hope it clears up for you soon.

  • Oh no Fitmo!!!! Sorry to hear you're an unfit Mo at the mo. Seriously, ducky I hope you feel much better very soon as can get back on the road. It's rubbish being out of the game int it.

  • Thank you. The antibiotics have kicked in and I'm feeling a lot better although I still get out of breath if I walk too far - thankfully I have a great neighbour who's been giving my little dog his main walk of the day. I'm really enjoying the break though - sometimes something enforced can make us see a bit more clearly so I'll be reorganising things once I'm better. Best wishes.

  • Sounds like you needed a break Dan after doing work that a big tool would have done in a jiffy! So you have had your exercise and at least you know from experience that you will get back out there and be up and running again soon x

  • I am so stubborn sometimes. It would have cost only about 20 quid, but for some reason I thought "I can do that by hand tha knows! I'm a man, me! I'd rather save me brass!" - Alas I was an idiot to have this view. Ah well, you live and learn eh?!

  • Oh dear...right, heres my advice:

    1. Get yourself a BIG TOOL



    we all have days like that, always best to do what your bod tells you ;)

  • Loving the "caps" there Jooj!! I wished I'd listened to my body when I whacked my hand with a 5lb lump hammer. It was saying "Don't be a skinflint you stupid bas**rd! Go get a big tool NOW!" Suffice to say, the job is done now so a run tomorrow it is! Thanks for all the juicy advice.

  • We all get days like that don't we...see how you feel in couple of nutrition has gone to pot this weekend (partly cos hubby likes us to eat nice food together) so we've eaten chinese and I've had chocolate. Oh well. I will get my mojo back nutrition wise hopefully tomorrow... hope you get out there soon your posts keep me motivated!! :-D

  • Fear not Wench! For I plan to be spreading the lycra around these parts before long!

  • LOL!

  • Oh Dan, that doesn't sound like you! I think the problem is an obvious one: not enough wine ;)

    By the way, I know full well that you just wanted BIG TOOL to be tagged on the NHS forums!

    Hope you get your mojo back soon :)

  • The Big Tool thing seems to have caught a wave of interest.......dunno why!! ;-)

  • It probably started with your sideways profile in Lycra! Has your neighbour recovered yet? Cheers.

  • Sometimes we just need downtime - Time to treat ourselves with care and gentleness - a dip in the jacuzzi, a nice steam, feet up, glass of wine and chill .... We need that time too. Enjoy it and make the most of it - just don't enjoy it for too long. Hope u, Dan & u, Fitmo are full of renewed energy & vitality soon xxx

  • kickibro, you are the best! Ta luv!

  • Mr Dan, I think you did the right thing in resting; you listened to your body, which was telling you to rest. Going out, I feel, would have been an unmitigated disaster, under such circumstances. Well done on listening to what your body was telling you and not carrying on regardless. It could also have been telling you that next time you go assailing concrete, to acquire a BIG TOOL with which to undertake the job.

    Sounds like the name of a race, actually, that does: Dan's BIG TOOL 10K. :D

    Happy resting, always! And good luck if you're out running tomorrow. :-)

  • "Sooooo, what will you be training for post graduation?"

    - "Oh just Dan's "BIG TOOL 10K"

    *gasps of admiration*

  • :D

    The technical t-shirts would raise eyebrows:

    "I'M DOING DAN'S BIG TOOL........... 10K"!

  • Hahaha! I am LOVING this!

  • Now THERE'S a thought! The Big Tool 10K......

  • Yes def get a BIG TOOL you will wonder how you managed without it . You deserve a rest dan by the sounds of things , it can only do you good & like you say , you will be back out there eating up them ks like there's no tomorrow . Take care .

  • Rockette you are right! But I've done the blasted job now which if I'd listened to everyone on here, it'd been done FAR quicker and with FAR less agony! Thanks for the kind words.

  • As I see it, you should have recruited Oscar and Tallulah to help! Ha ha....hope you get back out there in the next couple of days....

  • Cheers! I will, fear not.

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