OMG - I'm A Graduate In The Fine Art Of Running

Well 10 weeks ago I puffed through one minute of running and this morning I completed my final day of 30 minutes. I usually run with a couple of friends but today I was alone. So I drove to a former railway line which is flat and straight to try and get a better idea of pace as I'm surrounded by slopes and hills in my immediate area. I pushed my way through the first half and then told myself 'it's time to go home'; with eight minutes to go I did intervals of 30 second dashes followed by one and a half minute jogs. In the end I ran 4.48km in 30 minutes (Run 2 was 5.54km but there was a long downhill run hence this route to get a better idea of Pace Rate) - I really wanted to hit 5k so I was disappointed but I couldn't have run any faster except if it were downhill. I've astounded myself and I can't believe that I still want to run and just get better and better. The plan now is to mix it up with hill training and interval training so that I can compete in a 5k in September - can't believe I've just said that!

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  • Whoop whoop! Congratulations! It's amazing what we can achieve! :-)

  • So pleased for you Massive congratulations

  • Well done ! Great post, Congratulations, don't forget to ask for your well deserved badge ! xxx

  • Wow great distance for 30 mins I was nowhere near that on graduation! Well done and keep your goal in sight now for September although it sounds to me like you could go a steady pace and do 5k quite easily. Many congrats.

  • Well done - I think many of us can't believe what we are doing & saying as a result of this amazing programme.

  • Congratulations! Remember to get your badge! :-)

  • go get that lovely shiny badge !

  • I'm going to buy the real badge as well!!! I went onto the same graduation badge post as grannyjudes (congrats to you by the way!) but noticed others - am I being stupid here but I don't understand why there seem to be several different sources?!

  • Well done you runner you

  • Brilliant! Well done!! :)

  • Fantastic! Very well done :)

  • Do you know what - what a lovely community this is - everyone is so pleased for everyone else. Makes you proud.

  • Congratulations and a massive well done :)

  • Congratulations, that badge looks great on you

  • Fantastic, well done you! Enjoy your running x

  • Congratulations! I hope you feel proud of yourself! Now the running adventures begin...

  • Excellent news indeed! A hearty congratulations, and here's to a long (and not too hot) summer of running.

    Come the Autumn, you should be able to start your B210K, or what ever they call it.

  • Well I can't wipe the smile off my face this morning because I am so proud of myself and all of these congratulations has made me realise the enormity of my achievement. With regards to 10K - yeah right! But didn't I say that when the 5k app said 'jog 20 minutes' and I thought that the app had been corrupted!

  • Congratulations! Way to go.

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