This new site is abominable

I'm very much in support of those folks who have blogged about the failings of this new site. The previous version was much better, more fun, more intuitive and MORE RELIABLE!

I really enjoy the interaction on this forum and its helped me with my fitness. The new site designers in my opinion have neglected to consider its members first. I am actually quite upset about this.

The loss of simple things like our badges, old posts, email notifications, logging in easily etc have upset a vast number of people. If I produced work like this in my professional life I would be fired immediately.

Suggestion? Just put it back to how it was. Remember? The version that worked?



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  • Shame isn't it? Perhaps those things will return in phases?? It was good getting the emails... This forum has given me so much more than I expected. Perhaps we need to get used to the changes but not let it put us off blogging.. Parkrun fun for me today...

  • Agree, danzargo! Responsibility and accountability doesn't appear to have been a feature of the 'team's' efforts. In all my professional working life I'd have been fired for making such an horrendous mess of a public service. It's true that in the main, folk are resistant to change - especially change for change's sake. But this site wasn't 'broken' - so why attempt to fix it?

    The 'new look' is clumsy and essentially 'over designed' .... and has apparently been launched with no trial testing or reference to end-users. Far too many stages in the revision process have been omitted. Epic fail in any coherent system design process.

    Arrrgggghhhhh, Linda

  • Couldn't have put it better Linda. I note too that Joel describes himself as "Head of Engagement"; perhaps he should try engaging with the community in future before making changes!!

  • Trying to get to grips with this but it doesn't feel intuitive as you say, *sigh* ... :-| A warning would have been nice Healthunlocked.

  • I'm beginning to get more used to it and, hurrah - at last I'm back to the real 'me'! albeit without my Grad Badge which I miss - but all these different categories are really annoying me.

    The 'All things Couch to 5K' last post is 2 days old, but the 'No category' is being used regularly. Then there's the 5K+ and the Week 8 and 9....... it's just too muddled and fussy.

    I also really dislike the huge font used for the headline title on the blogs' main pages, it's much too big...or is that just me?! I think the old site used something similar though, so maybe it is just me.

    Let's hope that the site is still 'in previews' and that most of the bugs and other issues will be ironed out in time. It will be a great shame if we lose the community that was so well established and loved on the old board, because people get fed up with trying to navigate or even access the new one.

  • We can probably all agree the transition to a new site could have been better managed, starting with an announcement that there was going to be one.

    However, now we have it, the new site isnt that bad its just that its not finished yet.

    Suggest we target our energies into pointing out what needs fixing and to support those doing so.

    Supporting others is what the site is all about after all.

    Now, where are those green badges...

  • I agree with most of the comments about the site but that is all history now and we just have to try to work with it as best we can. The change was very badly 'managed' but what's done is done.

    As a relative newbie I found the sense of community and the support was a HUGE inspiration to keep going. We no longer get the email notifications and therefore have lost all those connections with the people around us who kept us motivated. The people at similar stages in the plan and who really knew where we were all at, what our trials and tribulations were. And who also shared our HIGHS!

    That is the biggest and most damaging loss - the loss of our COMMUNITY!

    I hope that in time this can be restored.

  • I agree 100%. Bring back the old site!

  • Totally agree. I feel quite bereft that it's suddenly got so hard to keep in touch with my friends in the C25k running community. It's a part of my life now and I usually checked in daily, prompted by email notifications. Now it all seems so complicated and somewhat inaccessible. Plus, only a few posts are visible at a time, and it's hard to see who's been active etc. Not happy at all :-(

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