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(New here!) Is my knee pain normal?


Hey guys! I am new to this site and have just finished my 2nd week! I’ve found that after I’ve finished my jog my knees become quite sore when walking or going up stairs?

I was just wondering if this is normal or whether I am doing something wrong to cause it to hurt? I am new to jogging and so don’t know whether I am doing it correctly! Any help/tips would be much appreciated 😊

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Hi there - welcome to the forum!!

I get aches and pains after a run but that's all they are - only you know what level the pain is at. If you're new to jogging you're asking your body to move in ways it is not used to so this will likely to cause some niggles. You may want to consider your footwear - mine was old and battered when I started and this caused me all sorts of problems. Sorted out the footwear and the pain went.

If the pain is such that it stops you doing something - you may need to seek medical opinion

Thank you so much for your response! At the minute it is just those same aches and pains, but I’ll keep an eye on it! Will definitely look into getting some better footwear too! Thanks again! 😊

Sounds familiar to my early runs! As long as you feel ok later/next day you’re ok. When your fitness builds so will your knees. Don’t forget to stretch after your runs!

Thank you so much for your response! The pain passes after the rest day so it should be okay! Thanks again 😊

That’s great. Good luck with your runs. 😊



Check this post out... there is so much great advice there... and welcome!

Slow and steady is the name of this game... relax and try to land lightly.. from Run 1:)

Warm up well and stretch after every single run... but mainly...keep it gentle!

Thank you so much for your response! That’s such a useful post, thanks for linking it 😊 I’ll keep my pace in mind next time I do a run! Thanks again!


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

Knee pain and shin splints are partially caused by the impact of running, so do all you can to minimise it. Slow down, avoid heelstriking, keep footfall under your body not out in front, run on grass or treadmill and wear proper running shoes fitted after a gait analysis done at a specialist running shop.

This is mainly due to your body not being used to the demands being made of it, but all the above, footwear in particular, can makes huge difference.

Enjoy your journey.

Thank you so much for your reply! This advice is really useful and I’ll make sure to make a note of it for when I next do a run! Will definitely look into new footwear! Thanks again! 😊


Yes! Take ibuprofen an hour before and run through it. It’ll go in a week or so.

Thank you so much for your advice! 😊

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Mine used to seize up 😂

Did it get easier as you went through the runs or was it a constant thing? 😊

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One knee started week 2. Stopped by end of week 3 ish and the other one started 😂 then that eased off. Been fine since. I have a colleague who is a sports physio and another who is a very accomplished runner and they both said it’s thigh strength needed . They must’ve been right. For me, ibuprofen, especially one hour before the run, helped loads. I took some in between too. Probably not what most would advise but I could just tell it wasn’t serious. I did get a gait analysis towards the end of the program when my shins started up. I found out I massively over pronate and I haven’t had any problems since getting supportive shoes 👌🏽 Expensive but worth it. Took 2-3 weeks to get used to them but now they fit like gloves 👍🏽 Wanted to make sure I was going to keep running before forking out.


Hate saying this because I got annoyed when people told me to get a gait analysis done and get proper shoes. I thought it was a rip off. But, I was somehow persuaded and I’ve never had the knee pain since. It totally changed my running. The shoes I thought were fine were actually too small and causing my feet to roll inwards and put strain on my right knee. Doesn’t have to be expensive trainers. Just the right ones. 👍🏼

Thank you for your reply! My trainers at the minute are just standard so will definitely look into getting proper footwear! Thanks again! 😊

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