New site gremlins (yes, gremlins, not garmins)

First, I don't object to this new site at all, like all the white space, you can't stop progress, etc etc.

But I wonder if I'm actually on the live new site? Or still on the beta one? (I was one of the testers). Does anyone else have a green lightbulb feedback icon in the bottom right hand corner?

Also, when I dig deep back into my old 'activity' - (posts, questions and replies, all jumbled up together now because you can no longer sort them) the first couple of months' worth after I joined have disappeared. Anyone else getting this?

And finally, when I tried to upgrade the site on my mobile phone (Android, HTC), all I get is a blank screen. Nothing else, nada. Anyone?

I have of course emailed HU, but was wondering if others here had noticed such niggles?

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24 Replies

  • I've got green lightbulb- so we can add feedback I wasn't tester so guessing everyone will have it

  • Ah good, so I am on the live site after all!

  • I've only updated my phone at the mo TT and I have a green lightbulb too. Haven't checked posts yet but there should be at least 3 years. Better make a cuppa before I start ;)

  • Good luck!

  • Or a G+T

  • That's more like it!

  • You lot are a bad influence on this old girl, big V & T later have decided may have to wait till tomorrow as phone needs charged. ;)

  • I have the lightbulb, and just checked, all my posts are there going back over 2 years.

    TT, or anyone else who may know, how do you go on with uploading a photo to the banner in your profile? I tried it but all that showed was a tiny bit of the top of the photo and I couldn't fathom how to resize it so it would all show.

  • Seems the lightbulb is part of both beta and live site. But I do wonder where my old posts have gone then?

    I did try to upload a banner pic a couple of times, but it froze entirely (displaying a big green H) so I eventually gave up.

  • If you go to your original photo and reduce it in size, square is probably best shape if you have that option too as it should centre the pic. I was going to up load my sleeping splint, it seemed to work OK but I cancelled instead of saving it.

  • Thanks for replies TT & OG, I'm not sure whether I can resize my photos or not - will give it a go when I have time.

  • Totally un related but now my Facebook page looks completely different It seemed to change as I was using it so guessing I must have pressed a button and now the post / replies stretch right across the whole page Aghh am not great with FB / computers but will try and perservere to get back to original look

  • F/B is doing funny things tonight. Text is in blue and some posts are being mixed up!!! It does happen now and again though.

  • Thanks for letting me know Good to know not me

  • Ha! I'm still using the old site! Result!

    I remember last time they 'improved' things, we lost our old posts. As it's 2 glasses past wine o'clock I can't remember if we got them back later.

  • Yes you're right we did lose them, weird thing is mine are back now. I'm back to the old site as it throws me back every time I delete cookies (which my browser does automatically when I close it).

  • I've tried twice now to check if my posts are there, I only get back to 3 months and then it throws me into a random post so I have to start all over again. Have had to put my phone back on charge so have given up for tonight.

    Beads I've only updated my phone to new version, laptop is still on old. I'm playing safe. :)

  • my android started upgrade, and now when i try and get to site, even before i signed in, there is a padlock sign next to web address and a blank screen :( very frustrating!!!!

  • It's very tempting just to clear cookies and go back to the old site while they slug it out! Meanwhile it turns out there is an official place for voting for changes to the new site:

  • I am not sure if there really is a live version, I think it just has more and more of us on the beta! Whther they meant to or not is the question!

  • I'm like you TT - a BETA tester, complete with green lightbulb in bottom right corner!

    I am annoyed you can't find authored posts of old. What's the point in jumbling ALL activity into one place. I used to like looking back a year and seeing where I was and how I was doing and use that to give me a boost occasionally!!

    Anwyay, I'm off to drink champagne now. It is saturday afternoon after all......

  • Dan, there have been more bugs than on an organic farm with this beta testing adventure, but hardly any support from HU - grrr!

    IannodaTruffe discovered there is a feedback site (who knew?) where you can vote for changes suggested by beta testers - including reinstating sorting posts from activity. Definitely worth a look:

    I like your new profile pic although when we met at parkrun I'm sure you only had two hands...

  • Meant to hit the reply to you button but instead replied to self. Never mind - reply is below!

  • That's astonishing. You'd think they'd have tested that, have you reported it? One of the main reasons for the upgrade is accessibility!

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