I love this site BUT!!

There is so much positivity on this site. There are so many caring people. There is so much knowledge being shared. BUT tonight I read a blog which left a bad taste in my mouth. It was rude to members of this site and very uncalled for. The runner who posted it should if they cannot be pleasant stop posting. The blog has had no posts to it which should tell that person he was out of order and to refrain from being in my opinon obnoxious in future.

If I sound harsh its because I feel strongly about the good this site does in helping others and will not tolerate being told in bad language to "Go Away". If that person cannot behave like a civil human being I suggest "He stay away".


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29 Replies

  • I find this site to be somewhat miraculous in that I have never read a single nasty thing from anyone, and your post is the first time I have even heard about it second-hand. This is a special place. I hope everyone strives to keep it that way.

  • You might want to report who ever this person is - he/she has obviously upset you greatly. I dont know which blog it was but we can do without negativity etc.

  • I'm pretty sure I know who/which post oldgirl is referring to, and to be honest, I don't think there is anything that can be reported. I can see why it annoyed her, but it isn't an actual attack on certain members of the forum, just somebody who feels that clearly they don't need any advice from anyone. In fact, I'm not sure it was meant to come across the way it did (benefit of the doubt and all that...)

  • Agreed, there is no need for it. This is a place of support for everyone, no need for any negativity. Good on you old girl Thor telling him. Not see the blog but shoul e ashamed o himself!!!!

  • I totally agree. This is a lovely site, I come here every day to get the positive vibes even if I dont post that often. We need to keep this a nurturing site. I am so impressed at the achievements of everyone here and the way that people rally round and give each other support.Keep up the good work everyone!

  • His posts are very much about himself and his achievements. Fine, but he is missing the point that this is a forum to share information and advice. I have learnt an amazing amount from this forum very quickly about a subject I knew nothing about until a few months ago.

    I would have given up because of sore knees if I hadn't read about the importance of shoes that provide support for overpronators. I was so excited about the plan I would have run everyday but reading people's firm advice stopped me and I'm sure that is why I have not got injured (fingers crossed) and have stuck with the plan.

    He does not need this type of support, presumably because of prior knowledge, good for him. He does not seem to have found this plan physically challenging - great for him. Other people however welcome other people's views and advice. Often there will be different views on the same subject and one solution does not fit all - that's life.

    But sometimes I read blogs about people completing the runs against the odds and I feel humbled. As he should. Very much his loss.

  • Thank you Rhonal for your reply, you have the same views as myself entirely. I didn't take his blog personaly but could have as I made the mistake some time ago of offer a little advice the reply I got would lead me never to make the same mistake again.

    I won't report him I just hope he reads my blog and takes onboard what has been said. It would be a shame to lose anyone him included from such a knowledgable motivating site.

  • I read the blog you are referring too and whilst I didn't take it personally I didn't like the tone etc. I nearly posted my comments but chose to hold my tongue. Glad I wasn't alone

  • Gosh I know the one you're talking about, really unnecessary aggression! I love all the positivity on this site and support without the need to show off...think he might have missed the point!

  • Here here, I'd seen it too, sadly only shortly after signing up here. Thankfully I can only recall the gist of their blog. I have however become very addicted to reading the positive advice, support and comments of others in the blogging community :)

  • I wonder if Laura could do some Tactless to Tactful podcasts? I agree with tantrumbean, and anyway those of us who have graduated *and* got our Graduate badge need not feel inferior...

  • It is very rare to get a blog which grates at the nerves. There is no harm in reporting it, and letting the admin decide what, if any of it, should be removed. It is helpful to mention the actual words or sentence which is causing offence when you report. I do spend time as a volunteer on the site, to read through blogs and report if I feel necessary. I am pleased to say that I have only had to do this once!! Having said that, I haven't yet read the blog you're referring to...

  • I know the blog/blogs you are referring to Oldgirl and totally agree with you. I've actually winced when reading some of his earlier stuff so I don't bother reading his blogs at all now, nothing there for me, they just make me feel uncomfortable.

  • On coming on here this morning and reading your replies it has reassured me that I was not being just an OLD FUSS POT after all!!! I hope the said person reads this blog and gains from it. However I have my doubts, he has never taken any well meaning advice offered in the past other than to throw it back at us. Also can't recall him ever having given out any encouragement to others, however we are never too old too learn new tricks.

    I'm off the subject as of now more important things to do, now where did I put my IPod, can't run without it!! :)

  • I am totally clueless! Can't seem to find the blog unless I'm being dim...has it been removed?

    Have to agree that this is such a lovely place, everyone is so encouraging and by far the friendliest online community I have ever come across. It would be a shame for someone to spoil that.

  • I can remember vaguely someones blog that I thought wasn't very helpful when I first joined. This though isn't the case for 99.9% of the others, of whom I have always had the best of advice and support. So a huge THANK YOU to everybody else who makes this place such a wonderful one to come to and be part of.

    If you don't want to join in and be supportive of others - then sling your hook!

  • Wait? My blog is supposed to be helpful and offer advice and support? I thought I could just waffle on about my progress/lack of. Need to rethink blog asap

  • I haven't read yours, and I am sure that it does ....... keep on blogging :)

  • Maybe they think that it is clever to brag, make themselves feel good - possibly a complete hoax. One knows that there are people on social sites that aren't quite as they paint themselves to be.

    Just a thought .... ? By the way, on week one, I got up before I went to bed, ran for the full 60 seconds, thought Yeh! this is simples and managed a full 5km on the second phase within the 90 seconds allocated. This triggered off a second energy serge and so went on to paint the house inside and out. Where do I go from here? No suggestions necessary!! :)

  • Come to my house and paint that as well (and it could do with a good clean and tidy) - with all that energy, you should get it all done in about 90 seconds!!! ;-)

  • Come on tantrumbean, that's Week 2 surely? Maybe the reason I am so successful with the exercise is because I have no friends? ;)

  • Oooh, i so want to know which blog/s you are referring to, me being nosey and all! Anyhoo, I don't have time for people who are up their own arses, He probably loves that we are all talking about him :) I am lucky to never have read any negative blogs on here, I love this site and all the encouragement it has given me in the past and still does now. Thank you to all my C25K "friends" <3

  • I may be slightly curious about who this nasty blogger is...but you know what? I'm not going to waste my time (if I did find the blog...then read it...well, that's time I can never get back in my life, so in defense of my own personal time management, I've relegated it to nothingness). Moving forward...now, back to all you other LOVELY people who are positive advocates to C25K--I'm devoting my time to all of YOU!

  • Oh no...it's a rest day and I'm all itchy to get out there, w9r3 next :) please can someone PM me which post you are on about. I may otherwise end up going through all 348 pages of posts otherwise. It's a cryptic puzzle right now and they NEED solving or I get no sleep...Like when you think "what's the name of that band?" just as you're going to sleep...I have to get up and google it or I am awake for hours. Please someone put me out of my misery. Thanking all you lovely people in anticipation x x

  • Thank-you, I have been reliably informed of the culprit :)

  • Oh missed some excitement! Its so busy here these days I can't keep up :'(

    This place is the coolest. Inspirational on a daily basis.

  • I've just confirmed who you're talking about as I had already formed an opinion about this person so I'm not surprised it's come to this and people are upset. However, the person, I'm not gonna say who, is obviously attention seeking and showing off, maybe even exaggerating a little may I suggest. So just raise above it, ignore future posts, don't even read them as who cares how many sit-ups have been done or how may miles have been sprinted. Just chill and ignore, keep your energy for your running. I felt the same as you but I think this might be the intention just to annoy all the nice people who post.

  • To be fair, advice is a dangerous business - there's a fine line between advice and telling someone what to do and lots of people hate to be told what to do - even if they've just asked for opinions/advice! I do volunteer support for another issue and we never describe ourselves as giving 'advice' for this reason - we give information and support and may offer suggestions. Best of all is when giving someone the opportunity to talk things through allows them to work out their own solutions - and I think we see that happen here over and over, which is great.

  • I've obviously missed this person's blogs as I've only ever read good positive stories giving lots of support. Would love to know who it is as I a nosey so ans so!

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