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Week 2 of week 1, run 6

Just me and the dog today as I went during school hours, well my son is refusing to run until it is cooler and my husband is still not quite right, so he hasn't run for a week.

Day started out bad I should have know better and not gone for a run at all, but I really have to get fit and putting stuff off won't do it. Got up, got son up, got son's lunch ready, got son's breakfast - humus on toast - son, "mum the humus is off," nomm nomm nomm; me, "stop eating it then." Then it struck me that his lunch had humus in it, we are out of things to have in sandwiches and we are going to have to go to the shop to buy a sandwich on the way to school, this will add an extra 10 mins to the run and my son still hasn't got his shoes on and we have 22 mins to make this normally 15 mins run - aaggghhhh. Meanwhile dog jumping up at me, "we going yet, we going yet, we going yet, we going yet...." Drive hell for leather (within speed limit) to shop, leave child and dog in car, run into shop, grab sandwich, pay, rush back to car, drive hell for leather to school, child starts to complain about not having his jumper and it's cold - IT'S COLD!! Explain that he is 10 now and his responsibility to get dressed on his own, he carries on complaining all the way into school, which we made just as the bell rang, hoorah.

Drove to park near the school, which is only slightly undulatingy. Get there to discover that it is being prepared for a music festival and there are barriers up everywhere. Fortunately the path under the trees is not blocked off so the dog and I start our walk/run. All is ok until the dog managed to get himself on the wrong side of one of the barriers and can't work out how to get back to me, this was mid run, so had to run back to the point where we got separated and shout at him until he found me again and trust me shouting was not easy.

The rest of the run went without incident except; I have worked out that I cannot run uphill (and there are a lot of hills around here, even the bit of the cemetery I run around has quite a slope). But I am beginning to think that I am having phantom hills now as well; I was struggling so much on my final run, with what I thought was a slight upward incline, that I turned round and ran in the other direction, only to discover I was still going uphill! How did that happen? I was in such a state that a woman stopped to check I was ok!

I am never going to be able to move on to week 2 at this rate, I am doomed to run in 60 second bursts for the rest of my life!!!!

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