Couch to 5K

W9R3 - Graduation :-)

Today I did it. For the first time in my life I have started a 'physical exercise' programme, something that would me make me fitter and healthier, and I actually finished it.

I had great plans for my final run, which should have been on Saturday, but a stinking cold put paid to that. So today's run was the usual run around Emberton Lake. My cold has all but gone, and my ankle issue from W9R1 is still niggling. The pace then was slow but sure, which paid off. My breathing settled down, joints loosened up, and I managed to blank out the annoyance of my ankle. (How much of a hypochondriac do I sound!).

It wasn't the easiest of runs, but I did it, and just about did 5K in the 30 minutes, which was a real bonus.

This probably sounds like I have a bit of a downer on this, I so don't. When I started C25K on 31st March I had weight to lose, and no idea if I would even stick to the plan. I have racked up just short of a stone in weight loss since Christmas. I am by and large more toned in the areas that used to sag. (You know the little saggy middle-aged areas!). I feel so much more 'alive', if that isn't too much of a cliche. Oh, and the big bonus. I bought some new shorts yesterday for my summer holiday. My usual size 36" waist was too big. They fell off me!! For the first time since my very early 30's I am in size 34" trousers.

I cannot believe how much good C25K has done me both physically and mentally. My self-belief with anything physical is so much higher than it has ever been. I now think 'I can', not 'I can't' (which was more like 'I can't be bothered').

The support through these blogs has been great. Thanks so much to all.

Onwards and upwards :-)

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Very well done, Nerdio! Congratulations! Now off to get your shiny badge ;)


Congratulations! :)


Congratulations and well done on the weight loss and toning up!


Drum roll, you did it !!

Well done Nerdio, I've loved reading your posts and hope you don't disappear now you've graduated.

That shiny green badge looks good on you.

I've got W9R2 today so hopefully on Friday I can claim my green badge too!


Congratulations! :)


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