Graduation! W9R3

Went out really early before work, just as the sun was coming up. Too hot later on in the day... 8-)

It went well... perhaps because I went extremely slowly or was wearing my new (unbelievably expensive) orthotic insoles. Though I did almost stop at one point when I saw some honeysuckle in bloom... couldn’t believe my eyes. This early in the year? Honeysuckle to me is inextricably linked to summer holidays in Cornwall. Anyway, I managed to keep running through the cool-down walk too (sorry Laura, I had to get to the top of the hill), making it about 4 km in 35 minutes. Pleased, but not particularly emotional at the end because…

… yesterday I saw a highly recommended orthopaedic doctor, who gave me a thorough check-up and then told me I shouldn’t be running :X , but walking, cycling, yoga, etc. Something about L5S1 spondylitis and scoliosis … slipped/fused vertebra. I literally begged him to let me do this one oh-so-important run. I’ll have to see the physio again about some specific exercises. Apparently the more I do, the better, especially the Strength & Flex kind. Hey ho… Looks like 5x50 has come at the right time. However I’d really like to continue running (within moderation) as well. I’ll just have to wait and see. :-(

On a much more positive note, I took some measurements and compared them to the ones I took about 1 month ago (forgot to take them right at the start of C25K). And… I’ve lost 10 cm around my waist, but put on 2 cm around the top of my arms (muscle, pure muscle ;-) ). The best news is my BMI… at the start I was classified as obese, now I’m “merely” overweight (admittedly at the top end, still verging on obese). All down to the exercise, as I haven’t been dieting.

So to anyone out there wondering if C25K will help them lose weight / get a better figure / improve their fitness and general heath… it does, eventually. I think it’s the longer runs towards the end that make all the difference. :D

Thanks to all you bloggers who have inspired me and encouraged me over the past few weeks. What a journey!

Happy running everyone, from a new graduate being forced to retire (for now).

P.S. Spring progressing nicely here: lilac, peonies, flag iris and wisteria all in bloom. Heard the first cuckoo today too.


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57 Replies

  • YOU ARE BRILLIANT!!! Well done you. Sorry about your news- thank goodness you completed the programme - what an achievement. So chuffed for you x x

  • Thanks. Enjoy your week 7. :-)

  • Well done!!! :-D

    And really sorry to hear your news - that's so sad! :-(

    But at least you've got through this amazing programme and proved to yourself what you can achieve!!

    Well done!! :-)

  • Yep, real feeling of achievement. :-) Thanks for the support. Well done on consolidating your 8K yesterday.

  • Congratulations Graduate!!!! So happy you were able to finish the program and hoping you can continue to run in moderation. Listen to the doc don't want to risk injury. Congrats on the "new body" emerging...just imagine what you will look like at the end of the challenge! Now, go request that well deserved badge!!!! :-) Gayle

  • Thanks Gayle. Badge duly requested. Running apart, 5x50 is still ON. :-)

  • Gosh, what mixed news. I'm so glad you have been able to graduate with this run. In style too, up a hill, in the cool-down walk time!!

    What a disappointment though to be told that running is not what you should be doing in the meantime. I hope this is just a temporary thing and that you can keep going.

    Well done on your achievement and keep us posted!!

  • Thanks, will continue to blog re 5x50. Looking forward to reading YOUR grad post! :-)

  • Excellent - many congratulations on conquering both the run and the hill. :D Hope you have good news about your back - it would be such a shame to have to stop after achieving so much - especially also as the physical consequences have been so good too.

    Great result today. Enjoy the feeling of how far you've come (so to speak). :)

  • Thanks for kind comments. Enjoy your post-grad runs and continue to be selfish about your fitness. :-)

  • Congratulations and well deserved. So sad you can't run for a while but stay here and keep us updated and of course you still have the 5x50 to keep you challenged :)

  • 5x50 is my lifeline. :D I'll miss the running. Thanks for your kind thoughts.

  • Oh Con-brio this is so bittersweet!! Firstly a big congratulations to you and welcome to the Grad Club! Its great to have you on board! :) Congratulations too on the weight loss - fantastic!!

    But I am so sorry to hear about the running :( :'( What hard news to have to take but lets hope it is just for a while and you will be back with us on here working towards your 10k in no time! ;) At least you have the challenge to keep you going for the next 31 days!!! :D

    I must say, your spring sounds so much better than ours; its is still in hibernation over here!

    Sue x

  • Bittersweet is the right word. Still, I've got the 5x50. Now there's no C25K programme to spur me on, I'll be planning ahead with the other activities.

    Hope the weather gets better where you are soon, though it's easier to exercise in the cold... ;-)

  • Many congratulations upon your graduation! So thrilled for you! Now you must look after your body and with the help of your doctors, get yourself gently back to health...and able to run safely again one day. You have found C25K so beneficial, I am sure that your core strength and stamina will help you through the curing times ahead. Your own determination has been amply demonstrated across the past weeks! ;) All the very best, take care, and let us know how you get on......oh, and the flora and fauna notes are making me very envious :)

    Linda xx

  • Thanks Linda. My top priorities now are 5x50 and core strength... hoping to get back to running as soon as. Now who would have thought I'd ever say that?! :-)

  • Congratulations on your graduation xx green badge for you :-) its a lovely feeling isn't it when we do eventually get there, also though sorry to hear your back news, fingers x that physio will sort it out and your new hobby can continue xxx I'm keeping xxxxxx for you

  • Thanks Souki. Badge requested... Your 5x50 stats are amazing, by the way.

  • Congrats on your graduation! I really enjoyed reading your blogs, your enthusiasm is contagious. I also enjoyed your snippets about blooms and birds around you.. I am sure you can get yourself into shape and get back to jogging soon. All the best!

  • Thanks... now concentrating on 5x50. :D Enjoy your holiday.

  • Bravissima! Welcome to the dizzy heights of graduation! xox

  • Thanks Delia. It sure feels like I've achieved something. Now to focus on the 5x50.

    Jasmine yet to bloom here (almost, but not quite). Ginestra (broom???) as suddenly filled the air with its sweet perfume, though. :-)

  • I've just started the B210K. So far so good, but if it takes me over 30 minutes to run under 5, by my calculations 10K is going to take me 2 hours :-x

  • At the rate you're going, what with the 5x50 etc., you'll soon have to give up your day job to fit all this exercise in! ;-)

    Happy running.

  • Hahaha!

    I've gained a kilo! I seriously think it's muscle as my clothes are falling off me. Relax today with Strenght and Flex -- worth 5K and easy peasy. Am on Week 2.

  • Just done S&F... week 4. Easy peasy (almost) and can be fitted in whenever... often finding myself doing the odd exercise during the day, while cooking, etc.

    Good to hear about your wardrobe "problem"!

  • Congratulations, I graduated too this week and it is a wonderful feeling.

  • Congrats to you too! Good luck on your journey to 10K. :-)

  • That's really sad :( about having to stop I mean, but massive congratulations on graduating, especially with the issues that you have.

  • Thanks Olsbean. Love the photo you posted today! Just read your profile... what have I got to complain about in comparison. You're a real inspiration! :D

  • Thank you, you're inspirational also as are so many here!

  • You will look so good in your Graduate badge ... big hugs and congratulations for completing the C25K :)

    sorry to hear you need to take it easier with running .. but remember you can always say that you are now a real runner :)

  • Thanks amsjo. Have applied for my badge, can't wait to see it appear! Didn't think I would when I first started, but now it means a lot. :D

    Hope you had a good run today.

  • looking forward to seeing it :)

  • Congratulations on graduating! :D You're right, it does seem like 5x50 has come at the right time for you. I have found that I only run aout once a week on it, and it has inspired me to do a lot of other stuff that I haven't done before, like swimming. So don't be too sad about the running, and listen to the expert advice. Ultimately the goal is to get fit, and by the end of the challenge you'll be so fit you'll be jumping fences :) Well done with the weight loss. I'm sure you'll continue to lose those cms as the weeks go by. take care, Theresa x

  • Thanks for your support, Theresa. Sound advice, as always. 5x50 will keep me sane. Went walking with an English student today... makes a change from sitting down for a lesson and she loved it, so we'll be doing it again. ;-)

  • Happy and sad, (ying & yang) sooooooo happy for you, you have done so well. :-)

    Shame about the running but there is still the strenght & flexibility so no excuse to stop blogging.

    Does this mean you are going to get a bike now? at least you will still be able to take in the sights and aromas around you :-)

    Congratulations, please keep us informed as your blogs realy are good reading and very helpful.

    Alan :-)

  • Ying & yang... so true. The ups and downs of life... but I'm bouncing back. Got the 5x50 to plan now that running's out of the equation (at least for now, fingers crossed). Strength&Flex is perfect. I actually bought a bike for the 5x50, so will be using that more often. :D

  • I went out and bought two new tyres and two new inner tubes for my bike (it had been in the garage for about ten years, and the tyres were so perished they had bits falling out :O ) - and now I'm really tempted to get a gel saddle... So many ways to spend money to get fit! Fun though - if only I can find the tyre levers!

  • Oh yes :D and oh no :( both at the same time.

    Well done on getting through the programme and graduating but so sorry to hear the news. But as folks have said above, it's important to listen to the doc. Hopefully this will only be a temporary set back and you'll be able to pick the running up again in the near future. Pam x

  • Thanks Pam. I'll any exercises the physio sets me religiously so I can get back to running... it's so addictive! :-)

    Hope you're enjoying week 6.

  • Congratulations on your graduation, but I'm very sorry to hear about the news from the doctor. As everyone on here has already said, it's important to follow the medical advice, and at least you achieved this in style and can still do other things to maintain your lovely inch loss! I hope you'll keep blogging and let us know how things are going for you x

  • Thanks Annie. Will continue the 5x50, never fear. :-)

    Enjoyed reading your comedy of errors blog. Who wants boring runs? Poor bunny.

  • Congratulations on that last run and I hope to continue seeing you on the Strength and Flex board!

  • Strength&Flex will continue, never fear. :D

    Hope you're managing to keep going with the heat there.

  • Congratulation :-D and commiseration's :-( You have done brilliantly and there are lots of exercise choices out there. How about speed walking? Close to jogging but not quite! ;-)

  • Thanks caz1-ca. Actually went out today, sort-of speed walking with an English student (two birds with one stone, eh!). :D

    Hope your stiff neck's a thing of the past by now. Looking forward to reading your own grad blog. :-)

  • Happy graduation you will forever have the sense of achievement of completing the couch to 5k. Now you will move on to other achievements just poss not running, you are well on the road to fitness keep going its all about the journey no matter how we get there. Be happy for today plan your next adventure best wishes and good health

  • Thanks for kind comments. So true... the road to fitness is the top priority. Am happy planning my 5x50 activities.

    Look forward to hearing that you've reached your own personal finishing line soon. You're so close, now. :-)

  • Congratulations on graduating - so happy for you that you were able to complete the programme. I love hearing all the nature notes too!

    Really sorry to hear about the back news.I hope that the exercises the physio comes up with are really effective ones for you, and that you continue to get the most out of all the other activities for 5x50.

  • Thanks greenlegs for this and all the support you've shown over the past few months. You'll be forever linked in my mind to "slow and steady wins the day"!!! Great advice.

    Your personal 5x50 charts look great. :-) What a team, eh!

  • You're a star con-brio...I'm so happy you manage it even with the problems you have had :) Remember to listen to your body and do what you feel you can do. I love it that we have graduated together AND doing the's such a special feeling. Here's to many more days of exercise....whatever it is :-D

  • Brilliant that you've made it too... in a brand-new 5x50 top, to boot. Keep flying the flag! :-)

  • Congratulations on getting that green badge. Its so well deserved. Sorry to hear about your back and do hope that the physio and exercises will help. It's good to know that Strength & Flex will help too. Do keep us posted and here's wishing you a very speedy return to running!

  • Thanks for your kind thoughts. Enjoyed your blog about being last. You did it,that's the main thing! :-)

  • Sorry I am late! Well done!! So very proud! Sad to hear about retiring, guess you are going to have to do lots of S&F then haha! I only have until Sunday and then I have graduated, can't believe how far we have come!

    What I want to know though, is WHERE THE HECK IS YOUR GRAD BADGE??? C'mon forum, get it together, she deserves her badge! hehehe well done anyway!

    ~ Olivia

  • Thanks, Piggyland and well done on almost getting there.

    Have just used the FEEDBACk button and the badge has appeared!!!!

    Last night I contacted Admin again, after contacting the nhs editor immediately after graduating... so who was responsible for the badge, we'll never know (though I suspect it was the FEEDBACK button... too much of a coincidence that it appeared 5 minutes after contacting them). :D

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