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Week 1 Run 2 - Attack of the Wedgie

Apologies if this post offends anyone!

Yesterday I undertook run 2 of week 1, having bee unable to do it over the weekend. I went out for a lovely run at 9pm when it was cooler, enjoying the feel of the breeze, only to be attacked by a case of the wedgie every time I set off running. It was a blessing to reach the 90 second slow down, but I had to keep checking no one was behind me before I could set myself to rights!

I think there may be a gap in the market for some non-slip running underwear...

Aside from a bit of discomfort, I'm happy to say I was faster than my first run, and the pain in my feet was also not as bad. Now to start the strength and flexibility training!

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I get this problem too!


I wear running shorts with built in undies, avoids the problem altogether!


This made me laugh :-) You are far from being the only one - see Dan's blog here:


Sloggies is the brand to look for, ladies. Lots of lycra!


I had the opposite problem yesterday evening - my new capris were making a break for it and working their way down every time I ran! Solved it in the end by hoiking them up as high as I could, then putting my phone belt over the top, but it was a bit dodgy up until then...! ;)


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