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Will it be too hot to run?

We are about to go off on our family hols driving to France and Italy today! :D

I went out this morning for the first time since Monday (it's been a crazy week at work!) and found it hard going, possibly because it was already pretty warm at 8am! Obviously I find it easier if I go every other day - big gaps don't work for me which is why I need to keep it up whilst away (not back for 3 weeks!). I'm on w4r2 and I'm taking my running shoes with me! Question is, how will I cope with the heat? It's 30C there at the moment! Gulp! Guess I will go very early and just try my best - perhaps shorten my runs, i suppose it is better than nothing!

See you all when I get back and have fun running!

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I'm like you and wilt in the heat even when I'm doing nothing! I guess all you can do is wear as little as is decently possible. Get out good and early and seek out any shade to run in if you can. And drink loads the day before and sip regularly during your session. Think yourself cool. I used to live in Oz where we regularly got 40+ and just tell yourself this is not hot. I does work if you persist! Good luck!


I am about to go to Spain and will be on week 8 and 9 out there which are 28 and 30 minutes runs. I like to think I will be able to do them, but who knows. I either need to go very early or late as temperatutes are hitting 38 at present.


Yep run in the morning and evening and make sure you're not dehydrated before you go. Shady spots are great. I am pretty used to running in temps of around 25 degrees now and I find it ok as long as the sun isn't strong.


I go running every time i go on holidays to southern europe and i find early morning or evening runs are the best. I don't agree with Beek, as little clothing will lead to rashes. Try quick dry fabrics and use some talcum on rash prone spots (before the run). And don't forget sunscreen and a bottle of water.

Have a good holiday!


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