Great to be back

I'm so happy to be back :-) I know you all understand this, cos like me you all have the running bug too!

This afternoon I ran after work (22 degrees and sunny still) so it was pretty knackering even if it's only week 3. Up at 6.30, breakfast for Number 3 (she's only 12) and off to work (on foot, can't drive with recovering wrist) ; 4 hours lecturing new cohort of undergrads; lunch and then back to my office till 5 -- running after that, even for, what, 10 minutes was a bit tiring, but the elation afterwards is worth it. It's great to be back!


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  • It's great to hear you're back!

  • Thanks TJ :-)

  • Great to have you back running again! Wish we had your weather - did my first run in fog yesterday, can't say I liked it much!

  • Tahnks Sarah, good weather won't last here either, light rain forecast tomorrow :-(

  • Yay!

  • Yay indeed!

  • Fantastic woohoo :-)

  • I'd almost forgotten that nice feeling sleepiness around 9 / 10pm - another great thing about this program is how well you sleep :-)

  • Welcome back. I'm sure you'll be up to speed again pretty soon.

  • You know what swanscot, the other joggers, who I had previously been in such awe of, I now see that they run just like I do -- or I run just like they do, whatever! The thing is, my self-consciousness of once upon a time has vanished.

  • Welcome back, Delia!!

    It is wonderful to see you running again after you were so kind to help keep Gayle and I running while you were injured!! I would read your blogs and answers, but I never knew you were injured until just a few days ago when Gayle told me!! Now that you helped us through the program, I look forward to seeing you complete it, also!!

    Keep running and stay healthy!!!!

  • So you and gdean are a family? The penny has dropped -- or am I totally looney?

  • We better be a family...when I woke up this morning she was there, too!!! :-) We have been married for 16 years and we have two fantastic daughters and two amazing granddaughters!! We ran every step of C25K together!! She is the greatest blessing in my life!!

    P.S. I had to look up "The penny has dropped." I haven't heard that one here in the States before!! I like it!!

  • You know, this year I'm teaching a course on idiomaticity in English and will be comparing UK/US idioms :-) How do you say "the penny has dropped" in US English?

  • Le's see...I would be more inclined to us "The light just went on" or The lightbulb just went on" when referring to an "aha" or enlightening moment or thought. :-)

  • ...hence lightbulb jokes?

  • Close, but no cigar! :-)

    We usually use lightbulb jokes to poke fun at a group of people or the stereotypes associated with that group. Such as, "How many women does it take to change a lightbulb?...5, 1 to change the bulb and 4 to gossip behind her back about how fat that dress makes her look." or " How many actors does it take to change a lightbulb?...only 1, they don't like to share the spotlight."

  • Thanks smhall, it's great to be back. I feel a bit of a cheat really, as I have started back on week 3 (I got injured at the end of week 6) which really is extremely easy, but I didn't want to face defeat at a harder week, and to be honest, even Week 4 seemed tough after six weeks of no running at all. So, here I am cheating slightly, but so what?

  • A cheat?? Not at all!! Much more like an intelligent lady pacing herself for the big finish!! :-)

  • Welcome back! you'll be in the swing of things in no time! That elation at having completed a run (when you thought at points you might not) I know it well!

  • blimey - well done for starting back after your injury - lot's of people might be tempted to forget the whole thing. That's a win!

  • Thanks Vivwestie, I was never tempted even once to drop it. Like you, I believe in losing it if you don't use it - and I certainly don't want to lose it ;-)

  • Well done glad to see you back running again, dont be hard on yourself you will be back on week 6 in no time.

  • I won't, and I will :-)

  • Dear Delia, it's so good to see you're back and continuing on your C25k journey. I am full of admiration for your tenacity, many people would have just lost heart with having that enforced rest, when you were so far along with the programme. You are a star!

  • Thank you Soozz! It's hard working in the program to my routine now that I'm back at work. It is 6pm here, luckily it's my rest day C2K-wise (cloudy but 20 degrees btw) and I have been out all day. A pile of ironing awaits me, but I shall ignore it and watch X-Factor Italia instead. Am I still a star or a bad housewife? xox delia

  • Of course you're a star! Ignore the ironing, it'll be there when you're ready to do it....

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