Hot run again!

Hot run again!

I went out at 6.30 this morning to beat the spanish sun! Mr W thinks I'm a bit mad, getting up that early whilst we are on holiday. But I hadn't run for a week due to family events and travel. I was getting a bit 'fidgety' so I knew I would be up and away!

I have decided for the five more weeks we are here I will only run 30 mins each run. I won't bother about distance and speed, but I will run three times a week. I've attached a picture of my run scenery. It is very flat where I am going to be running which I find a bit boring ( the scenery compensates). It's also surprisingly hard on the calves. I run hills at home as I have no other choice. I expect the hills to hit the calves a bit and am used to that, but I find relentless flat does the same. Do others have this problem?

Happy running all.


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12 Replies

  • Ho you!!!

    Lucky you..beautiful photos.... Running tourism is fun. I did the same in the Dordogne last year.. too hot later, as you say! 30 minute runs sound just perfect too:)

    I have hills, as you know, here at home... and,currently in North Wales where I am now at my holiday home.. and have to say..I would love a bit of 'relentless flat' :)

    But, I agree.. the hard terrain is tiring and I too, find it hard on the legs... I practice the 'kissing the ground with my feet' idea.. :) I try to run on the beach when here, but have got my tide times muddled!!

    Have a super time and enjoy that sunshine and your holiday... currently very warm at the moment but rain, thunder and hail, forecast tomorrow!!!!

    Oh joy! I wish I was there with you :) x

  • Thanks Floss, I will kiss the ground with my feet. I managed to run wherever we went last year ( including scorchio Cyprus) so I am determined to do it this year. I always think with running tourism the first one is the hardest.......and I have done that now.

    It's a very quiet (non touristy) town we are in, one of our favourites. Many local people run and many many more walk with purpose. However, very few of the runners acknowledge each other, I said 'hola' to a few and got a look of surprise but no response! I wonder if I can convert them?

  • If anyone can you can!!!

    Sounds blissful.... I don't really pass many folk on my runs here in Cricceth... they are later risers... although when I had to do an emergency, nip in the garage shop and buy a bottle of water, yesterday morning.. there were three people in front of me!!! I would expect that warmth where you are..but North Wales!!

    You could wear a C25K t shirt... maybe they would stop and ask you about it.... I love the, walking with purpose,.... I have this image of folk in cool gear all marching along the sea front:)

  • Eeek if i wear the tshirt and they start a conversation it will be in Spanish.... There are no English folk here, we like to travel real Spain. I speak only a few words in spanish, well enough to be friendly, to shop, order a meal of choice and drink etc. Mind you I continue learning every day! Its odd about the runners as we have always found Spanish people to be really warm and friendly.

    Everyone walks daily, young and old promenade , but adults generally pace out even in the hot sun. Very few walkers this morning, too early for them😀

  • Oh I love that about Spain, the promenade bit, especially in the evenings, and around the old town squares, all generations out in their 'sunday best', lovely.


  • Oohhhh! Lucky you! What a fab vista, yep, I think the 30 mins is good, just relax and enjoy, slow and're on holiday after all! 😎 You'll be sporting 'runners tan lines' too!

    I love running early on a summer morning........I'd always say hello too, I'd add a cheery smile.... or even a wave.........just for the fun of it....😄

    Once when we were in Spain, my daughter went out early, ready to test her Spanish a gentleman came walking past, she was just about to say 'hola' when he said in a thick German accent 'guten Morgen' , totally threw her, she ended up saying something like.....'haylou....ou..' 😂.....

    Have a fab time!


  • Haha! Yes that would be a surprise for her! Yes the 30 mins is minimal pressure so good in this heat .

  • I was up at 6:30 to run as well 🙂 Will have to try for even earlier next week if it stays this hot.

    Are you running on pavement instead of track? I find running on pavement very hard on my legs.

  • Along a very wide, very well maintained tiled promenade next to the beach! I may do the beach next😀 The days are getting longer so i am going to have to get up earlier each week

  • Oh Jacs, how lovely running near the sea , Gorgeous !

    Most of my runs are on pavements, yes it can be tough , it is such a joy for me when I get to run on the trails :-)

    Hope you have a great holiday , enjoy it ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Pops . Good luck this weekend!

    Our daughter is flying out to us this weekend for half term hols.. she's a teacher. It will be lovely😎

  • Thanks Jacs, enjoy the time with your daughter and family xxx

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