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Week 6 all done!

The dreaded 25 minutes was easier than the two 10 minutes from run 2- those were so horrid it put me off doing this run for almost a week. I needn't have worried, though, because it was a really really good run, and I could have kept going. Unfortunately Laura has a short circuit from my ears directly to my legs, so when she says 'stop running', I stop running with no brain involvement whatsoever. She has me well-trained.

There was one chap who was pulling his child to the side of the path in case I just decided to steamroller right over him, and several people turned as I was coming because they could hear me coming- huffing along like a steam train- so god knows what the general public are making of my fitness efforts, but Laura says I'm a runner, so I am. Hurrah!

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Congratulations. So funny what you have written about people hearing you coming as I am sure they do the same with me.

I struggled with the other 2 runs but completed run 3 yesterday and found it easier going (well maybe easy is not the word!)


Well done! I was exactly the same as you, hated runs 1 and 2 in week six but enjoyed run 3 and they were all the same for me after that - tough but enjoyable. Keep it up, you're nearly there :-)


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