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wave 1 for cambrige half


well my leg problem has finally left the building so im now back running ,i had a 10k last week not race and bashed a 13.2 out on sunday that was ok bit hard at the end so ive lost some power saying that still was a sub 2hr i kept stopping to take pics which kept my speed down ,histon entered and running british 10k for tommy s no more yet .and finally wave one for cambridge so no pressure i think thats for 1hr to 1hr30 times lord help me ,14 miles on sunday just adding a mile a week till manchester with a slow run and one speed run in the week then the long run ,got a slight panic now but fingers crossed , keep running and remember to have fun. ps pic from this morning 5am run

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Hey moger, is that the cambridge hm you're doing? My neighbour is doing that I think, good luck, and the Histon 10k is that the bonfire burn? funny, I remember seeing the posters for that after chariots of Fire and thinking, in my dreams! But you know I am tempted......who'd have thought! I am eyeing the cambourne 10k too,

Like the pic, looks really spooky, but beautiful.

Happy running.


mogerGraduate in reply to Madge50

yes cambridge half not doing cambourne 10k this year running bupa 10.000 in london look out for me the half


Hi Moger, glad your leg is ok. Sounds like you have a plan- so don't panic, don't panic! Love the pic-very moody x :-)

mogerGraduate in reply to no-excuse

thanks no-excuse sat on my bum for the 2wks of my injury so got some work to do definitely no panic yet


yeah, if you're doing the Camb HM I'll come and cheer... and throw jelly babies at you.. xxx

mogerGraduate in reply to Hidden

i might need them run a practice on sunday in 1hr 53 so in the next 3 week s ive got lose 20 mins off that better bring a cold beer with them babies

Hidden in reply to moger

I hr 53 for a HM and you want to knock 20 mins off? :-0

mogerGraduate in reply to Hidden

wave 1 is for 1hr to 1hr 30

TomasGraduate in reply to moger

Wow, you aim for SPEED! I'll cheer for you (but from a distance, as I'm nowhere near Cambridge)

mogerGraduate in reply to Tomas

thanks tomas


I'm thinking of volunteering...

Wondered how you were doing Moger but you sound like a man with a plan! I think a few people here are running Manchester. Good luck with the training. And I love the picture.

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