Ooh W6R1 - that'll teach me! ;)

Hi all,

Cor, there's nothing quite like getting knocked down a peg or two!!! I have just finished a very late W6R1, on the treadmill, after a loooong two days away working and a loooong drive home and it was soooooo flipping hard! That'll teach me for my boasty W5 posts hey?!

I felt every single second of the three runs tonight, and though I gritted my teeth and refused to give up, I felt slower than ever and am pretty sure tonight was what the lovely experts on here call a 'bad run' ...

I think it came as a bit of a shock that the shorter, interval runs were so hard after the wonderful 20 min run just 2 days ago, but realistically, late in the evening, already shattered and stiff from the drive, it was probably a silly plan to do it ;)

So, a suitably sheepish and red-faced running-scared did not speed up at the end, or run a single second longer than necessary, there were no 'in the zone' moments or finding rhythm this time... No boasts and no gloats tonight folks!

Nonetheless, feeling positive and up for run2 on Thursday, earlier in the evening for sure and hopefully will brave the 'real world' outdoors for that one!

Good luck to all runners this week! May the force be with you ;)

Nat x


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20 Replies

  • Well, look at it in this way: it's easy to complete a "good run" but it take true runner's spirit to arrive at the end of a "bad" one.... and you did it ;)

  • Ah thanks, I guess there will be a fun mix of the good, bad and ugly left to come... I'm ready for them! Hope you're doing well with the program, good luck this week :)

  • I did the same this morning. It felt hard! Lots of people say week 6 is a trickster. I think we're finding out. But we can do this!

  • Well done on completing the trickster! In a mean way, I'm kind of pleased I'm not alone in finding this one a bit of a surprising tough-y! ;) onwards to run 2 we go... :)

  • Well done!

    Lots of folk find this a tricky week - but you did it!

  • Thank you! Feel lots better knowing that others found this one tough too, and if they got through it, so can I ;) x

  • The main thing is you did it! Go week 6ers!

  • I was exactly the same. But as always good support given from the folks on here.

  • Nat.. brilliant post.. but don't you dare think you deserve anything for boasting..you don't!

    That is nonsense.. You are doing amazingly.. you were so worried about week 5 and you just went out and did it...! Brilliantly!..I

    Most of us who have graduated, found week 6 difficult, I know I did and I could not understand why! So.. you are definitely not the only one.

    You were tired, you were stiff and cramped from driving, never mind two days away working...not excuses..fact!

    So what did you do.. you got yourself into gear, even though you think it was a low one.. and you just pushed through...and completed it. So..as you have said.. feel good, feel positive, feel proud.

    You do that outdoor run I'll be right there with you and as you know, I can give you a little motivational shove :)

    You go for it! :)

  • Ah, thanks Floss :)

    I think what's different for me now is that my mindset and outlook for the program has changed since joining the forum. I feel like I'm on a shared mission with friends, who I don't want to let down. After a 'bad run' like that one, I can just laugh, be real and honest about it, park it and stay motivated to get on with the next one, rather than whining and wanting to give up!

    Strength and flex for me tonight, then run 2 Thursday. I'll post an update whether indoor/outdoor, good, bad or ugly!

    Hope you have lovely runs this week and that personal rain cloud of yours attaches itself to someone else this time! :)

    Sorry for the naff reply, I wrote a longer one but accidentally deleted it and now must get back to work! X

  • I seem to remember feeling juuuust a little bit pleased with myself having completed 20 minutes at the end of Wk 5 and thinking that surely, any run/walk combo now would be a piece of cake ... !!! Some days you just don't feel it and since graduating I've had a couple of those but my aim is just to get out there 3 times a week regardless of how much I do or what each run contains. Well done for even attempting it after a shattering couple of days with life in general but you're well on the way, keep it up :-)

  • Ah thanks! Seems like this particular run/week is, or was, a sneaky trap for lots of us! I'm starting to learn to be a bit patient with the program and just take each run as it comes :)

  • I literally could have written this post last night! After finishing the run I had to sit down on the treadmill in the middle of the gym and narrowly avoided having to put my head between my legs!! I thought after the 20 minute run it would be so easy doing an 8,5,8!! Whoops.

  • Love this! Thanks for the reply, we were on such a roll last week weren't we! I admit to getting straight back on the couch after the run thinking WHAT? why am I so knackered - it was only poxy intervals! Glad it's not just me, hopefully next run will be a better one for us all :)

  • Wow - everything everybody has just said is exactly what I thought last night. I too did W6R1 last night on the treadmill and thought it would be a breeze after doing the 20 minute run and I was wrong. How can running with breaks as opposed to running continuously be harder? In theory it should be so much easier but it soooo wasn't. I struggled but completed it purely by telling myself that I could do it and to not stop moving my legs. I also reminded myself that it's the mental attitude that gets us all through - it we just keep telling ourselves that we can do it then we're 85% there - now, if only that theory works with the blinking weather!! :-) Happy running everybody x

  • Well done for completing it, takes every ounce of mental strength on ones like that, you're right. I don't get how it can have been so much harder than the continuous run either, I was so cross about it, and with myself too, but feel much better and chilled for the next one. Good luck with the rest of your week :)

  • It was hard, but you did it.. :) sounds like you were a bit tired. BUT it was a good stamina building run and its done now (banked in your legs i like to think).

    Your next run outdoors will be better.. no clock ticking down soo

    slowly to watch. Just you and Laura egging you on. Go for it. :)

  • I am still at W5 but I think the tricky aspect of W6R1 could be maintaining a sustainable pace.

    After you run 20 minutes in W5R3, it is quite natural to think that 8+5+8 is going to be a piece of cake. This "over-confidence" may lead to run at a faster pace without considering that 8+5+8 actually equals to 21 minutes of running.

  • I missed this last night! Pesky week 6 eh!?

    I found tonight's 2x10 mins easier than run 1 but still tougher than I was thinking it would be! It's given me doubts about my ability to do 25 mins now 😱

    I'm glad everyone says it's tough and it's not just me being a wimp 😁

  • We were scared of 20 and we did it. I bet you a small glass of wine we can do 25 mins ;)

    WELL DONE to you on run 2, so very pleased to hear it was better than run 1 :) Hope I'll find the same tomorrow.

    Nat x

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