Ooh, ooh, fastest 5k ever!! Thank you R2D2 & flat Belgian countryside!!!!

Sooooo excited!!!! Went out for my second (& probably final) run of my hols here in Belgium & decided to do a 5k.

Not sure what happened, maybe Belgian waffles are the ultimate secret running fuel, maybe it's due to sleeping brilliantly here (few Belgian beers help;)), but I was able to push it more than usual. My new Garmin, R2D2 is certainly helping things along. I was able to keep a closed eye on distance & pace & therefore give myself a nudge now & then to maintain progress. It also certainly helped to have some nice flat Belgian countryside to run through, so I really felt I could floor it without tiring myself out overly. Although Runkeeper thinks I did my highest elevation climb in a run, so a little confused by that!! Just as well I have my Garmin now to keep me right.

So my average for 5k is 37/37.5, I'll never be a speed demon. My PB which I haven't hit in some time till now was 36/36.5... I just did it in 34 mins, woo hoo!!!!!!!! The waffle eating & beer quaffing can resume guilt-free. I'm going to be doing little victory shimmies round our holiday let & driving my family mad for a bit too;) happy running everyone xxx


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22 Replies

  • Congratulations. Shows what you can achieve with a sensible diet ^^. You might supplement it with some Belgian chocolates.

  • Great idea, I'm off to get a kg box:) and thanks for the congrats x

  • Yay, congratulations MarlyParly, two minutes is a huge improvement! Well done you!

    Have another waffle to celebrate ;)

  • Thank you so much Tomas, I am super chuffed indeed. Waffles a-plenty, hurrah! ;)

  • Wahey ! Well done Marly !

    You sound sooo happy and chuffed with that ,and rightly so :-)

    Big up to the waffles ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you Poppypug, I think I shall patent this new sports diet of mine;) Waffle Watchers?

  • Ha ha ! Love it ! :-) xxx

  • I was grinning too when I read your post - thats fantastic WELL DONE :) x

  • Thank you mellyboobah, still basking in the post-run joy, & post Belgian beer glow too;) x

  • That's great good news cool well done you ... So what do I do now? Bin all my lovely salads and fruits and go whip up a waffle batter??? Noooooo don't make me ...

    It must be the change of air, the mussels, the relaxed state of mind, the lack of time pressure! Pretty nice b'day present you gave yourself there I say!

  • Thank you bopeep, yes I'm sure even if some extra 'fuel' on board may have helped, one couldn't maintain this diet & still waddle to the fridge never mind run! But hey, nice to live it up for a week!

  • Folks generally exercise more on holidays as they walk miles sightseeing so burn off the excess. Hopefully

    Well done on your splendido run!!!! Fab that you got a 5k PB! 5k is hard to do flat out so your PB was hard earned. You earned those victory shimmies so let rip!

  • Thank you MissW:):):) yes we have been doing loads of walking around so hopefully that will have helped keep the waffle bulge at bay a bit too;) we actually did a 2.5 hour proper family country walk too the other day. Wouldn't it be lovely if one could just walk & exercise most of the day & thus scoff guilt-free forever more...

  • These waffles sound amazing!! Well done on your new pb!! I think some more beer, waffles are now needed to celebrate. Have fun!! I am now thinking of waffles

  • Ha ha vixchile, I think I have diverted a few people from their healthy eating plans by banging on about the waffles, oops! And thank you, super pleased with myself x

  • Great time, now off to try some chips and mayonnaise...

  • Thanks so much, mayo & frites, check!;) x

  • Well done MarlyP.

    Not too sure that beer and waffles is necessarily the way forward to new PBs in future though ;)

  • Thanks Dunder, ha ha I know, not the most sustainable diet! I shall thoroughly enjoy it while it lasts though x

  • Well done MP on your PB. That's fantastic. Just make sure you bring home some Belgian waffles and beer.

  • Thanks IP:) yes a little 'souvenir' trip is planned to the supermarket before we go:) x

  • You can enjoy mussels when you get home. I'd give the rest a wide berth though ☺

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