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Stepping Stones - doing the Locomotion??? Just call me Thomas :)

I was back out on the trail with Laura yesterday, trying to get back up to 5k after a 6-week break. I decided to do 4k, so 2 out and 2 back. Off Laura and I went, hand in hand, with her trying to get me to run at 150bpm and me really struggling with it as I prefer 160 - 165. However, I did my best, and all was going well until she told me how to lift my feet to help my momentum. 'As if you were cycling', I think she said, so I started to pick up my feet to try and make more of a rounded motion - and blow me if my arms didn't start going round in circles as well, bent at the elbows like pistons! That can't be right, I thought, so I went back to my normal shuffle for a minute while I recomposed myself, and tried again.

And there I was, on an ex-railway track, with my arms and legs going round in circles like Thomas the Tank :O Fortunately there was no one else around to see, or they would have been lying by the side of the trail crying with laughter.

Can anyone else manage to run with their legs going round in circles but not their arms? Did I mis-hear? Am I just as incompetent and un-stylish as I fear is the case?

Perhaps I should change my mantra from 'I'm a gazelle' to 'I think I can' :)

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He he! Never tried the leg thing, as every time I focus on a piece of advice it all goes pants! If I thought about breathing I'd end up gasping for any air, and if I think about legs I have a tendency to go a over t!


I know what you mean - when I tried the breathing as recommended in the first couple of weeks I couldn't do it at all. Then I decided that my body is quite capable of breathing on its own without any interference from me and I've been fine ever since.

Perhaps I'll just carry on with my zimmer-frame shuffle after all :D


I know exactly what you mean & I had the very same thoughts too on looking like a train..

Then I remembered a little ryhme from the Ffestiniog Railway in Snowdonia. Those tiny little steam trains chuffing away and keeping going up the hills and not giving up. pistons driving them along and they're so determined to do it.

I can, I will, I will, I can, Of Course I will, Of Course I can...

I can I will I will I can of course I will of course I can

.... then say it quicker

I can I will I will I can of course I will of course I can....

soon gets you steaming along that run.

Have fun.


Thank you for the reassurance that it wasn't just me. I started to think I'd misheard, and then I thought that I could class this as 'advanced technique' and so not worry about it for a while. I can't really pat my head and rub my tummy either - just uncoordinated, I guess. Also, I'm flattered you think I have any breath left for chanting :D The rhyme is a great thing to think about though - I shall try this when I next head up the trail, and think of those little engines :)


haha that's funny. Your not the only one.

I looked more like a chicken walking when I tried to do it. With the top half of my body lurching back and forward as I 'peddled' Il stick to my own style I think ;-)


Chickens, choo-choo trains - we're supposed to be running, right? :D I agree with you - I'll stick to my own style in future! Mind, it does make me want to examine other runners' styles as they whizz past me, so if you read in the news that some strange woman has been cautioned for staring at runners, that'll be me!


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