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After graduating nearly 2 weeks ago I have maintained 3 runs a week, all of them for 30 minutes except for the 1st post graduation run which was just a disaster! I decided to stick with the W9R3 podcast after that to get my confidence back up with varying results but annoyingly not seeing much improvement. After some great advice on here I finally got round to downloading the C25k+ podcasts last night so set out this morning to attempt stepping stones for the first time. I loved it! From the 1st time Laura counted 1,2,3,4 in the warm up walk to regulate your speed I felt optimistic and that feeling remained throughout. It was really refreshing to hear and try something new again and although I don't thing I kept exactly in time all the way through it certainly distracted me from feeling knackered! I also found the tips in it really helpful and instead of breathlessly thinking 'how long is there left' I found myself trying to follow Laura's advice and I did actually feel like I looked like a proper runner (albeit a very sweaty one!) When the 30 minutes were up I had achieved a personal best of 4.6km which I was chuffed with. For the first time since graduation I really felt I was showing some improvement. I now plan to stick with this one for a week or so before moving onto the others and see if I can reach the elusive 5k!

I see many posts on here from people not sure what to do after graduation and have had the same feelings myself. I just wanted to share this positive news with you just in case someone else can benefit from it too. I dare say it's not for everyone but if you like the coaching and structured sides to the podcasts I would really recommend giving it a go. I think I finally have my mojo back after the high of graduating! Good luck to you all and thanks as ever for keeping me going

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  • Glad you enjoyed it. I too stuck with W9 podcasts for a couple of weeks after graduating and then tried Stepping Stones. I think that it is a good "stepping stone" to whatever you want to try next - running faster or for longer or whatever.

    Have fun with your running!

  • Thanks for your reply and all the best to you too!

  • Glad you got on well with stepping stones, I think it helps after graduating to have a bit of structure sometimes whilst you think about what you want to do in the future. The main thing is you are enjoying your running. Good luck with it all x

  • I certainly am enjoying it again after a frustrating couple of weeks. I fear i maybe developing some sort of Laura addiction though! Good luck to you too

  • Thank you MightyMegs, I was wondering what to do next after graduating earlier in the week. Like you I plan to do w9 several more times but gradually increasing the number/ gradient of hills in each run. B210k sounds way too scary but stepping stones sounds great. I'll definitely give it a go. Cheers an good luck

  • Glad i could help. I thought about progressing to 10k but was worried how i would fit the time in. I decided to stick with where i am now and like yourself try to improve bit by bit. All the best for your future running and hope you find stepping stones a help too!

  • Thanks for that post. I haven't tried Stepping Stones yet. I am really slow and didn't fancy feeling defeated by having a pace to try and keep to. But you've inspired me to give it a try. Happy running. X

  • Oh do give it a try! There are some good tips in it generally and if nothing else its a change! Good luck and hope you enjoy it

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