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30 Day Shred - Day Four


That's how I felt Tuesday morning after my first ever Shred on Monday. In my "Day One" post, I was feeling fairly smug that I managed to complete the whole workout with no major troubles. I'd done all sorts of cardio, strength and abs exercises and I was feeling good! I had a small niggle in my neck throughout the day but it wasn't anything big. Then when I woke up Tuesday morning for my run, I was as stiff as a board! My arms and back especially were hurting so bad! I was as weak as a kitten all day, even struggling to open doors and lift my arms above my head! I looked pathetic!

I do think though that doing my run Tuesday definitely helped loosen me up a bit. I was convinced that I'd only manage 15 mins or so but I actually powered through to a whole 30 mins! In fact, I felt so good that I did the first 20 mins of it on a +1% incline - the most I'd EVER done! Yey me! I also managed to keep walking until I reached 5k. Yey me - again!

Wednesday was Day Two of the Shred and it went really well. I was able to keep up with Jillian much better and I found that the workout just flew by. I find that I really enjoy the weight / strength exercises - especially the chest flys (maybe it's because I'm led flat on my back, just moving my arms - lol?!).

Lucky no aches this time and Thursday was another run. Only 20 mins this time but I did the whole thing on +1% incline again. I think my legs are getting much stronger now and I hope that I can do a full 30 mins on this incline before the end of the month.

Friday = Day Three. I did struggle a bit with this one - I just didn't have any energy in my legs and I had to pause the workout for a minute to catch my breath. Even though this one seemed to drag, I did the whole thing without missing any exercises.

Another 20 min run on Saturday morning (again at +1%). i did feel strong enough in my legs and felt that I could carry on but I was so hot (usually I'm up at 6.30 / 6.45 for a run but I had a small lie in - it's the weekend!) and I felt a bit sick, so I stopped after 20 mins. I did do a longer walk at the end, to do a full 20 mins of walking.

Then today. Day Four of the Shred. Way too hot and my thighs had a mighty wobble but I did it! No stops, no missed exercises. AND I managed to co-ordinate myself enough to do the bicycle crunches at the end - woohoo!

I know I'm supposed to Shred every day, but I like to break it up with my runs and despite the early starts and achey bits, I'm really looking forward to the next 6 days of Level One.

Thanks for reading x

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Oooo I've been considering doing the 30DS too....but I've not been sure on how it would work with the running. It's good to see it from someone else's perspective.

How are you doing it - do you have the DVD? I noticed the workouts were on youtube - are they the same?

Please keep us updated on any inch-loss and how it fits with the running stiffness/enthusiasm wise :)


I've been using YouTube for Level 1 but I don't think Level 2 is available so I bought the DVD last week. It was only £5 with free p&p so if Levels 2 and 3 aren't for me, it's not a great loss. Fingers crossed it'll be delivered this week.


The DVD arrived yesterday and I used it this morning (Day Five). Despite a longer intro (that you can't skip - arrggh! I hate that), the workout for Level 1 was exactly the same as the one on YouTube.


Do u have a link for the YouTube videos?

And well done so far ESP in this mini heat wave


Just type 30 Day Shred into YouTube. The video I'm using is called Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred: Level 1 (by BeFit)


I've finished 30 day shred, started couch to 5k in about week 3 of shred. And I've now moved onto Ripped in 30 which is sort of a follow up, still by Jillian! I am now on week 4 of that, and week 7 of C25K and feeling fab! I do Ripped almost every evening (you are allowed one or two rest days with this one) and do my run 3 mornings a week, so sometimes I work out twice a day but seeing great results and steady weight loss :)

The achy feeling does pass any day now, but it does get harder haha!!

Good luck :)


im on day 14 of 30 DS, i did my measurements on day 10 but there was no change :( im putting this down to a star week lol! I was using 2lb weights for the first 6 days and have upped to the 5lb boy it makes a huge difference i can now only do the modified versions of all exercises but i dont mind no pain no gain and all that!

I have got all 3 workouts from youtube but i tend to put my own music on and do my own cooldown and stretch. i have been running or cross training every other day too just to keep ontop of my cardio. i really enjoy it and find it passess really quickly. hope there are some results soon tho as my hols are in 5 weeks and have 7lb to loose! otherwise none of my summer clothes are gonna fit an il av to buy all new one (not that i mind buying new clothes just would of liked them to be a size smaller!).

keep posting its good to see if others are seeing results and that its not all a myth.

ps i did try the 6 week abs blast that jillian does - this was a killer and i could hardly keep up (maybe my next challenge!)


Woo! The DVD arrived today - it'll be so much easier than viewing via YouTube and I'm looking forward to the remaining 6 days of Level 1.

PS: I'm also using the free app and online service of My Fitness Pal. I get such a buzz entering my exercise(s) for the day and knowing that all my calories are being counted for me! Today I got an "extra" 410 calories because I ran and walked this morning. It really appeals to the organisational nut in me!


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