First Failed Run - A Bit of A Bad Day

Yesterday evening I went out for a run feeling very positive as I'd run happily for 30 minutes a few days ago. But it was a total disaster. I felt like I could barely lift my feet, felt really heavy, and had no energy whatsoever. I almost quit after five minutes, but eventually managed to keep moving (more walking than running) for 30 minutes so I did get a workout.

I was gutted to have a bad run as I'd sailed through C25K for the most part, finding it hard work at times but never not completing a run.

Looking back I did everything wrong. I'd forgotten my stopwatch so my routine was off to start with. I'd eaten a large bowl of cereal an hour before going out instead of something sensible like a banana. I was wearing new socks that were too slippery & my feet didn't feel like they were gripping in my shoes. I'd picked the wrong time of day - it was dusk, I run close to the lakeshore, and there were so many midges I was breathing them in...

At least I know from the forum that a bad run is usually followed by a good one, so I'm not too disheartened & hope that tomorrow's run will be better.

Also, this morning I have woken up with a stinking, rotten cold, so perhaps that explains the total lack of energy yesterday!


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18 Replies

  • Mine was bad yesterday as well and that was off the back of a 10km on Monday that I was pretty pleased with. It started well, but I'd misjudged the temperature and half way round I was dying. It happens, hopefully Saturday will be another parkrun pb :-)

  • Thanks, I'm glad it's not just me. It was hot & muggy here as well yesterday, and that was another thing that didn't help. It'll be better tomorrow - and hope yours will be too.

  • A lot of things can contribute to a 'Bad Run Day'. Have a days rest, and run again. Monday was my 'Bad Run Day', followed by a great run on Wednesday (and I was tempted not to go!)


  • Oh good, so it's true you get a good run after a bad one then! I'll take your advice & get out there again tomorrow.

  • Oh Scip,poor you . I reckon it was the muggy conditions and the 'pre-cold' day combo that did it for you yesterday...certainly the lack of energy/ lethargy probably stemmed from the fact you were very below par. Take it easy and nurse that cold...only go out tomorrow if you definitely feel up to it...I know running with a cold probably never killed anyone, but if you feel like crappity crap you're not going to enjoy it ...and what's worse than a bad run ....yep, two bad runs on the trot ! Take care x

  • Thanks Carolecal, nice to hear from you. How are you getting on post-graduation? You're right, I need to look after myself & not go out again until I feel better - I definitely don't want two bad runs on the trot... Youngest son brought a cold home from school the other day and this morning me, hubby & the other two boys all woke up feeling grotty :-( . Eldest son also tried to go for a run today & had to give up, which is not like him at all.

  • Me too! Bad run yesterday, today sore throat! We all have them.

  • There's obviously something going round - in our house it's the back to school lurgy. Youngest son has thoughtfully shared his germs with the rest of us. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Definitely due to you being under par & you probably didn't realise that you were not in the right frame of mind - plus all the niggles of the stopwatch, food, socks, midges - sometimes it seems that everything goes wrong at the same time.

    but you've got the right attitude there - so what if it's a bad run, they happen, but sounds like you already know that....

    Happy Running

  • Thanks Matthew, you're right I didn't realise I was under par last night. I'll get back out there soon.

  • Feel for you. You sounded like me last Saturday. Well I listened to all the advice here & it was just a one off like you all said. Don't let it get to you. Definitely don't put too much pressure on yourself. I was under par& it made such a difference. I was nervous to go back out but when I got home from work Tuesday my daughter said "you look better" & despite still having a bit of a head I did feel better. I took the pressure off by thinking "I'll go out for a 10 min run to stop me feeling so miserable". Well it worked because I did the whole thing. So my advice would be the same as Carolecal - make sure you feel better before you go & you will surprise yourself. Chin up. I know it feels miserable at the moment but that doesn't last.

  • I'm glad your bad day was just a one off waletta. How are you gettting on? I'm planning to continue with my jog/run plan when I feel better. Thanks for all your support & kind messages, it means a lot x

  • Well I'm getting used to the idea that there may be more one offs but it's not the failure that I thought it was but like you it was the first time I'd not completed a run. I was really worried that it was just the start of a series of non completions but it's not. Hope you don't get too anxious because it's really fine once you're feeling better. I'd really like to post to thank everyone but for some reason I can't post at the moment. One thing came of it & that was on Tuesday both daughter & husband independently offered to come with me. I learned that the one was worried about the nights drawing in & the other worried that I might have a heart attack. Such confidence in me huh! W8R2 tomorrow & look fwd to hearing how & what you are doing when you are better. Take it easy.

  • You too waletta, thanks x

  • hopefully it was only because you were under par, and just wait until you are over it. I can appreciate the midges comment, on Tues, I thought I was going to have to stop as I think I breathed in a little fly and I got a coughing fit, was coughing as I was running for about 5 mins and having sips of my water to try and get rid of it....I must have looked a picture of health ...NOT...fat, middle aged woman running around the park, coughing and spluttering and a red face LOL x good luck on your next run x

  • Oh katee, poor you! Well done for not stopping! Thanks for the good wishes.

  • I had a crappy run tonight too Scipio - felt like I was running through treacle and now I just can't move!!

  • Running through treacle describes it perfectly! Horrible feeling.

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