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Anyone for a workout

I treated myself to an exercise DVD, with an Amazon gift card that I got at Christmas.

I've never been into exercise DVDs, but then again I wasn't into running 6 months ago. Anyway I'd heard good things about Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and thought it might be what I needed for non run days.

Well I've just done the first 20 min workout and I'm absolutely shattered, far hotter and sweatier than a 30+minute run. That was a level 1 workout, there are 3.

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'Shred' really does make it sound brutal - it gives me a rather ghoulish picture!

If you think about your running progress though, maybe level 3 will be easy peasy in no time at all!


I know what you mean, i did the 30 day shred last year and it's a killer. Well worth it though i definately saw results. I'm thinking of giving it another go once im settled back into my running. Good luck


Was it fun or just painful? Is it dance based? The last exercise DVD I did was Rosemary Conley!!! So I'm a bit old-school!


No it isn't dance based (I certainly don't have the co-ordination for that, which is why I've never been into exercise classes).

It was hard work, but each section is quite short, which is what makes it do-able.

Here's what is says on the box

*One 2 minute warm-up

*Three 6 minute circuits featuring Jillian's 3-2-1 interval system

-3 Minutes of strength

-2 Minutes of cardio

-1 minute of abs

*One 2 minute cool down


Thanks for that information, it sounds good! I think I will give it a go, especially as it's only 20 minutes.


I looked at it on Amazon - the reviews are ... interesting! It looks very tough indeed! I bet it's effective though, if you can keep it up.

I did the NHS stretch and flex podcast 1 (with lovely Laura) today - seems very simple and easy, but I can feel it already.


Hi BettyJane

I have the 'shred' still in its packaging - I was going to wait til I have graduated from C25K (March) and then do a month of shred (if I try and do it all at ince I will end up knackered out and doing nowt) - will be interested to hear how you progress with it.


I got Davina's new one for xmas and will try it out this weekend on my non running day. It's based around high intensity training so seems good. I have all her others too and like to mix them up so I don't get bored plus she is the only one I continually use and have been doing so for 3 years.

Well done on giving something new a go; if you keep it up you will definitely see results.



Aah the shread..its fab, but you want to punch Jillian in the face by day 5 haha.


Omg! Just looked this up on amazon, it looks like my worst nightmare..

Still, might give it a go as that's what I thought abt running a few months ago!

What weights do you need to do it?



I borrowed my daughters hand weights, but i think a couple of filled water bottles would do. I am strangely looking forward to next time, just hope it'l get a little easier soon.


I thinking of maybe doing this on my non-running days. Do you think this will kill me?! I just feel like doing 30 minutes of running every other day just isn't enough.

Also I've only got a limited amount of space in my lounge. How much space do you think I would need to complete the workout?



Oh, I've just blogged about this DVD, I loved it! Have done it twice and was sweaty and knackered too so you're not alone! I really enjoyed it and think it'll be a really good one for noticing progress which is always a good motivator. That being said, I can't imagine getting past level 1 at the moment :)


I've done 2 so far, and agree that it will be quite some time before I'm ready to move up a level.


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