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30 day shred. Wtf?

We just got TiVo and can watch iTunes in tv. Just having a look at the 30 day shred thing. Not done it today as running later and if I do do it I want to do it on "rest" days. However, I have no mat and no weights. Plus, I cannot do even the easy push ups. My arms do not bend that way!! Anyone done it successfully and have tips? I only heard of it through here!

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I have been doing the 30 Day Shred since the beginning of July (so in effect it's a 60 Day Shred!) and I'll be doing Day 10 of Level 3 tomorrow morning - I can't wait to complete the plan!

Don't worry if you don't have weights - you can use small bottles of water or cans of beans instead. If you are exercising on a hard floor, use a rug or make a cushioned surface with a blanket or some towels. I started off using our rug in the living room for the floor moves. If you feel like continuing with the plan, then go ahead & buy equipment like I did.

As for the push ups, just keep trying as you'll be surprised at how quickly you can build up strength in your arms - go as low down as you can manage, or you'll just hurt yourself. I found I was aching all over after the first few days (I never did it on consecutive days - I alternated with runs) but soon found that the aches faded after a while. I still do all of the "easy" moves as I am nowehere near fit enough to do the advanced ones but I find each workout to be strangely satisfying! At least I'm having a go!

I have written several posts about my 30 Day Shred experiences so please have a read of those. All I can say is "give it a go!". Good luck


I hope your last shred went well ! Well done on completing the 30 days .Still doing level one but gunna start level two once kids back at school next week was wondering now you done 30 days do you think its helped you lose weight ? Kate x x x


Way back at the end of June / beginning of July, my aim was to do an "intense" fitness / exercise regime for 2 months before my holiday in September. But as you know from my messages & posts, I over did it in July and had to alter my workout and run schedules for August. Overall I am doing more (exercising at least 4/5 times a week) but I have really lost my way with food. I have been so hungry over the last few weeks - it's unbelievable; basically I haven't stopped eating! Eating rubbish too. I'm SO annoyed with myself as I'm just undoing all my hard work. But having said that, I haven't put on any weight but I was aiming to lose at least half a stone & that's certainly not happened.

However I have noticed improved muscle definition in my arms (not so much with the dreaded bingo wings tho!) and I have started to feel my abs even if I can't see them! My BF assures me that I have lost a lot of "back fat" and my thighs and bum feel tighter. I'm going to stick with my Shred / run routine for the next few weeks then start again when we get back from holiday.

Good luck with Level 2!


Sounds like its all working well for you and I think its the eating that undoes us all have a great holiday and enjoy the rest kate x


Thanks. Well I tried it today. Sort of. I did the press ups as standing ones against the wall as I cannot move onthe floor even on my knees. But it does ache and I don't want to stop running so

I think for now I might just do the nhs strength and flex - I may feel silly walking back and forth across my tiny front room but it feels more doable. I can add a couple of abs moves to it. My knees are sore and I wanna run tomorrow!


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