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C25K Take 2 with 30 Day Shred

This time a year ago I was preparing for my wedding. I was 5 foot 2 and 8 and a half stone. I simply wanted to tone up, and get a little fitter for my wedding in August. Well couch to 5k and the lovely Laura helped me out so, so much. I wrote posts on this amazing forum and was so pleased when, during the Worthing 5k Race For Life, I ran my first ever 5k in 35 minutes.

Since then, I have run a 10k and a 6.4k race but done little training. It is a few months until my first wedding anniversary and I've put on a stone and have not run properly in ages.

So, weighing in at 9 and a half stone and still 5 foot 2, I am on a mission before the summer to drop to 8 stone and again run the Worthing Race for Life. In order to achieve this, I have restarted C25K but this year I am combining it with Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred. A programme which combines strength, cardio and abs work in 20mins daily workouts. It's hardcore but the results are there to see online after a little search on google or Pinterest.

Last year I started c25k at week 3 because I knew I would be able to do it. This year I'm starting at week 4. In fact, I've complete 5 sessions of week 4 and now I'm ready for week 5. I'm hoping that posting this and other posts will help give me the motivation and accountability to see this through ready for 14th July (Race for Life Day) and reaching my goals!

It feels great to join the community again!

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Good luck it sounds like you've fallen in to comfortable married life a tad to easily ! Get that weight off before you have children or you'll be stuck with it for life ! Sorry that sounded horrible it wasn't meant to ! I'm actually impressed well done you xxx


I'm on week 6 of c25k and I wanted to start 30 day shred as well. I was a bit afraid to as it would leave me with no rest days. Will this make me more prone to injury? I tore a calf muscle in January but I'm fully recovered now. Just afraid something like that would happen me again and really set me back!


I'm alternating between running and 30DS. I'm looking at doing her 6 wk six pack challenge as thats my problem area :) I'm not too worried as with 30DS you don't have rest days. Listen to your body, you'll know if you're over doing it!


Sarahparke I think you will avoid injury with 30 Day Shred. Jillian's really good at given clear instructions on how not to injure yourself. I realised I'd been doing side lunges wrong my whole life. She says things like "we don't want injuries". I am doing 30 Day Shred everyday (I'm on Day 4 and already seeing results in my stomach!) and C25k 3 times a week. On the days I do both, I do the run BEFORE 30 Day Shred.


well done you, you are amazing, very best of luck wished your way and thanks for sharing the shred, don't forget your rest days!

I completed it last year too, but then was foiled by diabetes and high blood pressure, am sort of sorted with meds now and back on the programme (have just completed week 3) am not friends with fitness pal plus web site as it gave me my calories allowed, said I had over, then allowed me more for adding exercise on there! don't think that was quite the idea! Still dietician said 1400 so that's what's allowed

Just found out about Park runs - I ran Race for Life in Gateshead last year (managed to stop smoking for it too-am still stopped) shame I did not know about them before, looking forward to volunteering then taking part.

I love running, the freedom, the fresh air, the fact that I can run for a bus or up a flight of stairs etc best feeling in the world


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