30 minutes of torture

I did my 4th post-graduation run today - 30 minutes continuous running - and it was terrible. From minute 1 to minute 30 I struggled with my breathing, even when I was shuffling. I think I forgot to breathe again in the beginning and it all just went downhill from there. Did the whole 30 minutes somehow, but I haven't had a run this difficult since W1R1! Just goes to show you may be able to run for 30 minutes (and often love it) but you will still have runs that make you wonder why you even bother.


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16 Replies

  • I've experienced the same myself.  I don't know why I thought it would all suddenly become easier once I graduated.  I still have struggles but I tell myself I've done the hardest bit  - doing that very first run. 

  • Ah, that's rough - next one will be better x

  • Never mind Shivani... you still did it.

    New music? Watch a quiz show? 😊

    I don't think you can run outdoors can you, cos that would change things up?

    Hope next time is better.x

  • Definitely can't run outdoors, summer's come early for us and I cannot wake up early enough to beat the heat with a morning run. Can't be done, I've tried it so I know. Crossing my fingers for the next run!

  • Shivani.. the eternal question.. sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is difficult..but we run all the runs, because we are...runners! Yeay! :)

  • Yes, but you DID do it..  I think almost everyone on here suffers immediately post graduation.. you have an ' objective' during c25k, get to the end.. once you finish you either think a. is going to be easier.. or b. suffer from lack of objective.. 

    a. you have found about , b. is up to you.. 

  • Shivani, just remember , what dos;nt kill you makes you sronger!

  • It is just one of those things Shivani05  that appear to happen for no reason , on the pro side it is another run you completed 😊 that is what counts.

    The next run will be better ☺

  • As others have said, "You did it"! Fingers crossed your next run will be much better. I've yet to do my post grad, run 2 (Illness) and am getting nervous that my fitness will suddenly drop! 

  • You'll be fine! I took long rests periods during the programme (a week off), and came back stronger than ever. Good Luck!

  • Oh thank you for that, you've made me feel a lot better. Sorry for late reply, still recovering! 

  • Hope you feel better soon!

  • Thank you, I do now, even went for a run today to see how I was and, it was great! Went really well, so you were right! I hadn't lost any fitness and actually did much better!

  • Maybe some sort of new programme or goal might help you.

    Until graduation you had a "finish line" that kept you going but without it I imagine that running on a treadmill must be tough on the mental/motivation side.

  • The treadmill isn't too much of a problem. I lost a little motivation because I lost weight (inches) during the programme - noticeable, people were commenting - and immediately got smug about it and let my guard down with what I was eating, so I put on a bit of weight again. I think once I get my willpower back and lose more weight I'll feel like there's a purpose to this again.

    I know I've gained so much more than just losing weight through the programme, but having struggled with losing and keeping off weight for years, I'm not going to lie that's the biggest motivator because I can see the work paying off.

    Had this epiphany last night. But I've done it once before so I know I can do it again!

  • Well, the positive aspect is that you know the cause of your lack of motivation so you can do something about it.

    I'm sure you will get your mojo back soon. In the meantime, I'll concentrate as hard as I can to send you some positive vibes. 😉

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