Couch to 5K

oh I get it now! ... my first lightbulb moment since starting this whole running thing

According to my now very colourful spreadsheet, the masterplan - this week is all about getting to 32 mins & my Sunday runs from now on are all about extension and building time but no real distance in mind, & after a bit of an uugghhh run on Friday night, I really didn't know what to expect this morning.

I did wonder if the Saturday night steak, chips and Ruddles Best would have conspired against me, but surprisingly - I was up and out of the door around 10am (which is unheard of on Sunday morning) - nicely warmed up and found my stride.

Having already decided that the first 1k of the tow path was my major nemesis, with 2 bridges, 3 locks, loads of midges and those bloody stones, not to mention tree roots and cracked tarmac..... but beyond that it is beautiful - smooth, flat, wide & to my surprise this morning, someone had been down there with a mower recently so minimal nettle risk today. (i'm only 5'6 and some of them were already at eye height)

anyway - 10 mins soon became 15, and then became 20, now it's at this point that I listen out for Laura telling me you're half way through to turn around and head home.

but then I had a really stupid thought. keep going. don't turn around, what's the worse that can happen! just keep on going - nothing is hurting, the breathing is good, the trainers feel good, surprisingly the legs feel amazing. So what would happen - well I get to the end of stepping stones - run through the cool down - still heading away from home, "5k in 32:37" not bad huh?....

who am I kidding not bad - that's just what I needed - I can nail 5k runs before breakfast!!

with the legs still strong & breathing was excellent and this damn tarmac is getting addictive. So after a pause to put on some new music - I cracked another 1k in 7:04... okay so time to turn around..... nope - let's do another 7:01 oohhh that does feel good and that is 7k under my belt.. the furthest I have ever run.

but could I even think the impossible?? turn around and let's find out if have I got another 3k in me.

8k 6:37 - 9k 6:25 - 10k 6:22.

I've only gone and done it - I never set out intending to - but I did it - and did it in some style too.

Fat lad does 10k in 1:08:39

well chuffed - big smiles all round

Happy Running

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well done


Thank you


Nice post - well done for running 10k.


in all fairness I did think that it would be an total impossibility - but then - quite a surprise too


Well done that's so fabulous... It's all in the mind, its just about drive and stamina to get the extra length in ( according to silky steve). You need to celebrate now and do the spreadsheets for 20k and throw in some milestone treats.

Happy running


you know it is amazing just how much the body can cope with, even with out much training, & you're right - all the negativity is all in the mind.

I'm working on improving the stamina because I really do want to last the duration and be able to do 10k regularly - 20k - phew - that is a thought - probably stretching my limits at the moment!


Really great blog. Made me grin as wide as a wide-mouthed frog! :D

I've only run 10 k once, and it was just like that - just a bit more, and a bit more...

Brilliant - and good pace too. :)


And thanks to you too - your slow and steady mantra was ringing in my ears during the first 3k - I so need to slow down & I think that's what I did this morning.

slowly getting there just a bit more - just a bit more ...

.... and yes - totally did not have any expectation of pace, so delighted to be under 1:10 for the first ever 10k.


My 10k, with my slow and steady mantra, took me 1 hr 40 minutes! 100 minutes - verrrrrry slow, but nevertheless, I have run for 10k. Once. :D


That's brilliant - well done! I got out there today for the first time in about 6 weeks and it was less worse than I thought it might be :D but you have inspired me to get out there again and see what I can manage!


I'm liking "less worse than I thought it might be". :D


Well I couldn't truthfully have used the term "better" :D


do you know the biggest thing for me about today was that I genuinely stunned myself - 10k should not have been possible, but when I did the 7th km it very suddenly became oh so clear - just keep putting one foot in-front of the other foot - keep doing it - and keep going....

so glad that I have been able to inspire you - and I hope now that your move is done that you will get out and show that trail who is boss....


Well done, sounds like a fantastic run! & brilliant times too! I'm so envious :-)

I did 8k tonight but from 5k it was a real struggle (I was trying to do the pace suggested by the plan but tiredness set in and as I lost time against the pace I needed, I had to walk some... I did stick it out and did the whole 8k before getting home, even passing my house by 50 metres before turning back as I was told it was run complete.

Maybe it was getting up at 4.45am for early shift, and my pb at parkrun, but will be out there again on Tuesday!


you know the more I analyse the run the more I realise how I did it - it was actually meant to be a 5k run to Stepping stones, and I was determined to beat the tow path, so I just ran out for 5k and figured that I could always enjoy a walk back..

I think I have always been the other way with my pace and just needed to peg it down a bit.


As Mr Punch once observed "That's the way to do it"!!! Sometimes (I've found and you clearly did too) you can just keep going. My best is 14.6, which I've not matched since, but sometimes you just fly. Well done; truly a lightbulb moment!


Certainly was the way to do it - and now I can't get Robert Preston out of my head from last week on Radio4 PM - he was learning how to use the swizzle stick & I was like will you just shut up - so so annoying at times.

but yes - the best of the best runs I have ever done.


fantastic !

this is a very inspiring blog. I cant imagine being brave enough to just keep on going like that- its just great - I will bear your story in mind when I have graduated, at the moment disobeying Laura seems like a step too far !

good luck with your running


Thank you - and you know, before I graduated I couldn't imagine that I would regulalry be able to do 30 mins, let alone more.

it is just a brilliant program and Laura - well - I'm still in fear of disobeying her even now (although I did one think oh will you just shut up woman!!!) - thankfully she didn't just pushed me through graduation week.

good luck with yours - and Happy Running


Fantastic! As juicyju said, it is all in the mind, and your mind was good.

As someone who is 2 runs from Graduation I am wondering where I go from there. Your blog though just inspires me to let my mind, and fitness drive me.

Thanks for the inspiration.


I am delighted that I have been able to inspire someone - and yes you do right to just do it and see.

ignore what your brain tells you and listen to what your body tells you.

Those who are out there saying it cannot be done are usually overtaken by those people who are doing it.


Fantastic achievement, you must be well chuffed, enjoy.


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