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My first running skirmish! Also, the 10k race? BRING IT!

Ok, so the 10k race is looming, it's just under three weeks away now and I'm getting both excited and scared at the same time.

Again, I've not been out running for a week due to parenting constraints and generally either being too busy or too tired. That's put my 10k training plan completely out of sync meaning I've got roughly 3 weeks to fit in 5 weeks worth of training.

That ain't gonna happen.

I managed a run yesterday, a nice 7km around the streets although it wasn't continuous, I took more brief walking breaks than I would have liked but as far as I'm concerned, I've had a week off and then went and done a tough(ish) run whilst trying to get back into it.

I decided to run the 10k route again, to try and familiarise myself with the hills and get myself ready for the onslaught that is my race. The first km is uphill. Not a massive incline but enough to be a hindrance. I managed that but then needed a little walk at the top. Next up was a km of undulating ground followed by a km & a half of downhill. I stopped twice amongst these sections, once to catch a breath and once because my back & shoulder muscles were agonising. I think the week or so off and the inconsistent training over the last 2 months has seen a weakness in my core muscles.

The next section consists of another 1km but running uphill again. Not steep but noticeable. After 50 or so meters, a flash looking sports car drove past and as I glanced behind to have a look, I noticed another runner about 10 or 15 paces behind me.

Me being the competitive type, I wasn't going to let her pass without a fight so I kept my pace, moved over to the left in-case she pulled an over-taking manoeuvre but kept going.

250 or so metres up the road, we came to a junction, I glanced behind to see if any traffic was approaching (and to get a sneaky look at how far behind the other runner was). No traffic, and she was closing in. Now about 8-10 paces behind.

Kicked it down a notch and put in a little burst of speed before settling at a faster pace than normal. Another glance back and she was still 8-10 paces behind.

In the far distance, I spot two ladies in athletic gear walking along talking to each other. They're only walking though so me & my tail are closing in fast. At this pace, it won't be hard to nip round them. As we're closing in, all of a sudden the two walkers break out into a jog meaning I'll have to sprint to pass them. I've no idea where the energy came from but an *epic* burst of speed hit me, a quick glance behind and the tail is still there at 8-10 paces, obviously making full use of my slipstream. The burst of energy happened and carried me right past the joggers but also kept me going for another 50 or so meters until I hit the point in my route where I turned off. At this point, I glanced back and the tail was now back to 15 or so paces behind as she carried on and I turned off.

And then the immense burst of adrenaline in that little race was over and all of a sudden, I was faced with a big hill and no energy to carry me up it. So I relaxed and walked for approx 300m or so whilst I caught my breathe and relived the last 5 minute skirmish with my pursuer.

Once I got back running, my legs where aching slightly and my head was starting to pound with that all too-familiar dehydration type headache. It was then I had realised I'd run 6km and had had no water before hand, just a couple of cups of coffee and some scrambled egg on toast.

I decided to cut the route short and head home at that point but made sure I hit 7km before getting home.

It was immense though, and the thrill of the chase means I can't wait for my 10k race now. I want to see & hear people behind me whilst running hard to stop them from passing, all the while trying to catch up with the person in front.

It's going to be amazing!

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Crikey, that was almost filmic! Lovely blog, made me laugh too - looking forward to hear how the 10k goes.... ooooer! Good luck!


haha, it was ever so slightly dramatised :)


Oooohhhh mrqwest you are a competitive young man indeed, its quite a good healthy feeling though. I'll bet you really enjoy your 10K race, it will just fly by too with all those other runners to keep you going. Keep training but don't overdo things this next couple of weeks.


Thanks OG! I'm trying to keep the training up but parenting & life is getting in the way :( The 10k will be a slow and broken run/walk but hoping to have more running than walking and lots of runners to 'latch' onto and as Mark909 puts it, they become the "carrot"


hhhhm are you sure she wasn't using you as a "carrot"? ;)

I think if you can run 7km you'll have no problems doing 10km


ha! Loved the use of the word 'carrot'. No matter, it got me running faster :)


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