Week 5

I started running about 8 weeks ago after doing no exercise for years. Never thought I could do it it as Im 57 too. When I started i couldn't run for more than about 20 seconds without stopping. This morning I have done week 5 run 2 successfully. The last 2 runs I actually did the first time!! I have found I love running and get up at 6 am run before work every other morning. Thanks for all encouragement.

Must say I feel apprehensive over next run where I need to run for 20 minutes


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10 Replies

  • There are lots of posts on here about w5r3!!!! I have to say I didn't believe all those who said it wasn't too bad until I did it. I think because there's no stopping and starting you just kind of get into it!! I was absolutely shattered by the end but worth it for the great feelin you get for completing it!!! I'm onto week 6 tonight!!

    Just take it easy, not too fast! Good luck!!

  • Thanks good luck

  • Think positive and believe you can do it. It really is not as bad as you expect it too be as you can see from all the previous posts .It seems a big jump to 20 mins without a break but as long as you pace yourself you will be fine.

    There are lots of us of a similar age to you and some (like me) even older who are doing the programme and I am personally amazed that I have got to W8 . Still plodding,still out of breathe and very red but that feeling of success at the end of each run makes it all worthwhile. So good luck you can do it !!

  • i thought at first I was too old then heard some more were doing it and enjoy it I have kept going. Really pleased for you to have got to week 8 - keep running

  • I won't lie to you- I did it last night and it was AWFUL (read my blog for more details). However, I did do it and I can tick it off and move on now. Plus, if it earns you a few squares of chocolate, it's got to be worth it, right? Head down, you can do it!

  • When I do yes when not if will let everyone know and like you will be proud to be able to tick it off

  • Week 5 Run 3 is a mental hill.You have come along way, you said as much yourself. It is physically quite a challenge of course, but the key I found was to drop the pace. Anything faster than your walk is good enough in my book. Like you I really wondered if I could do this, but I did, and felt great when I had. If you do it, you do it. If you don't so what. The 9 weeks is a guide, just try again (I re-ran some of the earlier weeks, and it did help when I had injuries).

    I stuck with the reduced pace for Week 5 Run 3, right through into Week 7, and it has got me through into Week 8 and I am starting to work my pace up again.

    Good luck, and blog us that success story when you have done it :)

  • Thats good to hear that others have had to repeat weeks like me, thanks for you support

  • It'll be fine, the 20 minutes sounds much more daunting than it really is (at least that's what I discovered). I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you will be able to accomplish, and if you can't finish just do it again. Please keep us posted and good luck!

  • Good luck and thanks for the encouragement. If I can't manage it will keep at it till I can. I am trying to avoid hills for now though

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