Week 5 success!

I am a 55 year old Granny. I started couch back in May and was held up with a knee injury for a few weeks. This morning I completed week 5 with the daunting 20 minute run....it was amazing. Laura said I could do it and I did! Incredible programme. Don't fear the 20 minute run. If you have made it this far, you will succeed. I feel confident now that I will finish the programme and will soon be running for 30 minutes. Go Grannies!! :)


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  • Lots of mature ladies on here will agree with all that. I am a lady of a certain age but not a granny. I am a Great Aunt though, smelling of mothballs and parma violets!


    Great stuff Nan, keep on running and you'll be at Graduation Day before you know it. Take care now!

  • Thanks misswobble; have you graduated?

  • Yay, grannies rock - and there are a lot of us here :)

    Well done on running for 20 minutes, that's a real milestone and you are right to feel confident because in a few weeks you will be running 30 minutes. Go you :)

  • Congratulations on your graduation; it's never too late is it!

  • I bow down to you - that is no mean feat!! Well done. Happy week 6!!

  • Thank you- and best of luck to you with the programme. Trust it every step of the way, ask for help if you need it- there are plenty of eerts on here, and have fun x

  • Yah for grannies:-) It's a great feeling isn't it?

  • Sure is pot58. Are you a graduate?

  • No...Week 5 first time round.Then got flu.Week 8 second time(end of June) and had a car crash! I am 58 and at this rate will be 60 before I complete lol!!!

  • Although I am sure it won't take you that long 60 is great age to graduate pot 58

  • Reading about people's successes who are my age or older has kept me going.I know it is possible!

  • Sorry to hear of your setbacks; don't you dare give up!!! X

  • Congratulations from yet another Nanny of a certain age ;)

  • Thanks Mummysaurus; love your user name!

  • Congratulations! The twenty minute run does feel great :) Good luck with week 6 from a fellow fifty something.

  • Thanks Lavender62; are you a graduate?

  • Aomisnan, I have three runs left to graduate. I just finished week 8 this morning. I'm not a granny but have a 14 year old son.

  • Only three to go; that's fantastic. Good luck xx

  • Congratulations on w5r3, sounds like your enjoying it. Good luck with week 6.

  • And huge congratulations to you for graduating x

  • Thank you!

  • Well done on the 20 minute run, it's a biggie and a great confidence booster. Looking forward to your graduation post now.....

  • Thanks henpen90; congratulations to you for completing the programme x

  • From one granny to another...well done, that is great.....I hope to follow in your footsteps....

  • Thanks Tessababy: have you started the programme?

  • Yes, just yesterday.....I started the 12 week weight loss programme and only this morning put the flex and strength on my I pod so it's a start lol....I'm 55 like you but I do have a lot of weight to lose....to my disgust I clocked upto 17 stone and the knees are starting to play up and it must be a weight thing....onwards and downwards !

  • The first step is the hardest and you've taken that already. I posted on my Facebook page that I was doing couch so that all my friends and family would know if I ducked out! I had a lot of problems with my knees when I started, but they are great now: it is really important to warm up properly and stretch out after. Buy a foam roller if your calves and hamstrings are tight and look up on YouTube how to use it. All my knee problems were due to muscle issues, which I had no idea of when I first got the pains. My son is a personal trainer and sports massage therapist so he put me straight on how to sort it out. Shall we keep in touch? I would love to follow your progress xx

  • Go grannies go!

    You're joining a pretty impressive club!

  • Let's form the GG (Granny Graduate) club!! I'll join in a few weeks :)

  • Congratulations from this grandma

  • All these Granny Graduates: absolutely fabulous!!!

  • Yes, Amisnan, I'm a Graduate

  • That's fantastic; congratulations x

  • Woohoo from this Grandma. I was 63 when I started C25K - I'm 64 now and love my three runs each week (after the first five minutes!)

    You'll be amazed and delighted when you graduate in a few weeks!

  • Congratulations gingernut49; looking forward to joining the Graduates xx

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